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PC-Reforged, Casemod for Coolermaster CM Contest 2011

Ali Abbas

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PC-Reforged, Casemod for Coolermaster CM Contest 2011


With this Case I have tried my best to pay tribute to the two letters that have changed the world. "P" and "C". "PC-Reforged" is the result of ca. 4 months of work and many mind boggling hours of geometric hurdles. Getting the geometry right was the biggest challenge with this case. I literally forced myself into this case form just to see if I could make it.


Based upon an ATOM 2x1.6 GHz CPU on an ITX board with 2 Gbyte of Ram and 500Gbyte HDD. A Card-reader and 6x Front Usb 2.0 connections. Wlan and DVD-Writer.

A tribute to the 2 letters that changed the world, "PC-Reforged" is the result of trying to create a somewhat new type of never been done before case.The greatest challenge in making this Computer was the geometrics. I asked myself the question whether I could construct this form as just 2 letters of the alphabet which have changed the world.

PC-Reforged is the result of many experiments with wood and paintwork. Layers and layers of furneer stuck to eachother and carefully applied and stuck to the rib cage in hours and hours of patient work. I have tried to give it a rustical smith-made metalic look, even though its all made entirely of wood.

I gave it a hammered metal paintjob. When taking a close look you will find more than one constellation of letters silently hinting the presence of the hardware components. Like I mentioned the geometry was the main challenge. The whole case is exactly measured to hold the mainboard, DVD-drive and hard disk etc..


Getting the curves of the serifed "P" and "C" was indeed not easy., but I think I made a not too bad job of it.

The 2 letters have copper hammered look shades and are standing on copper hammered look basement stands respectively. The back pane can be removed by sliding it backwards to reveal the also hammer copper looking intestines of the case.

Wires and cables are all enclosed and hidden in the hold and are also covered with copper looking plates.



Its cooled and monitored with two Coolermaster Fans which are also in copper hammered look. A hidden green array of LEDs sets its backside when turned on. I have also touched up a wireless mouse and keyboard to complete the set



After working for at least 400 to 420 hours on it, I am myself

surprised that i managed the form and its hard to believe that I worked out almost according to plan.

And here it is, the finished product, PC REFORGED

am also making a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to match the reforged set.





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Kudos for making a case from a couple of letters, but just not any couple of letters. (The) PC is what drives us crazy, from modding to posting on this forum and even the I-Pad is considered a tablet PC. I know someone that would try to do it in metal, probably aluminum but no need with handy carpentry skills, hehe and probably way cheaper.

Congratz for picking up a grand theme: The PC

Best of luck on a unique build.

Cheers and Saludos

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