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Project Ultima [Build log]


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Andddd plexi backplates are almost done (only holes for bolts to pass are left to drill) :)






This is that 8mm thick backplate for motherboard, but the board is packed and I didn't really had time to place it on top :( So you will only get 2 pics with different exposures





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Sooo... I'm a perfectionist, and I wasn't really satisfied with a work I've done on that "main" board on which everything important will go.. So I decided to scrap it and make another one on a CNC machine and this is the new Corel drawing (yes, I had to learn to use 1 more program..) which will be final, and this is how the board came out :D

Also, I will probably scrap those plexi backplates too, so I'll make a new more precise ones soon :)









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Text update time :D


Great news all around today.. *Bitspower flying to the rescue once again* and they will probably cover those radiators I'm missing cause of EK. Cooler Master on the other hand is extending their sponsorship and they will give me some Jetflo and Silencio fans, and Vanguard 1000W Power supply on top of all of those peripherals I already got from them! And I'm waiting for a response to see if I will get a couple of SSDs, cause I only have 2 Intel's and I need 4 for this build.


This is just a text update, cause I'm hard at work to finish everything on time, and I really don't have enough time to process the pictures of the work I did and post them.. So you will get one BIG update when I finish most of the work!

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Had a little time to process some of the pictures and here is a "little" update :D


Main board and plexi backplates finally together :D












Pump holder and vent holes drilled trough horizontal boards






Some bolts, nuts and holder ready for painting (shoe box cover), and sadly not all of them turned out great, so I will decide later what I'll do with them..




And finally I started mounting things on the wall..

This is the first support board:




I drilled into the board so the nut won't stick out of it




And this is from the other side of the wall, where it doesn't matter if everything sticks out:




Light switch for my room was in the way of one of the support boards, so I had to make a hole for it (you can see that switch in my first design drawing)




And both support boards are in place and leveled :)



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