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Project Ultima [Build log]


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Thanks guys !


It's time for a little (good news at last) update :D


I've contacted EKWB and they decided to regardless of their situation, send me some of the promised goods by the end of this week! So I'm expecting them to arrive by the end of next, or the week after, and than I can order the Bitspower parts, which will be sent immediately and finally get the project on track :)


In the mean time, I ordered some RGB LED stripes with controllers, and get a hold of some glass for top part of the table, and found a place with some car wrapping matte black foil to cover the build.. So I'm just waiting for all of that to arrive, and start with some serious building and remodeling of my room :D

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And here are some unboxing pics :D


And one more thing.. Do you guys want to see GPU and MOBO water block mounting guides? I can take some time to do a videos of those two :)

Please comment so I know if it's worth it for me to take my time to do that :)


First of all, great packaging by EKWB, I simply love this air bags :D




And these are the parts I got :)






Full G1.Sniper 5 motherboard block




Two D5 PWM pumps




And tube bending and cutting kit




It's not all that we agreed at first, but regarding their situation, it's good overall :)


There will be more pics of these parts, or videos if you comment that you like that format more :)

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Hey guys,


I had some problem uploading the clip yesterday, but now it's finally here ! :D

So please like and subscribe to support my work if you like the video, and expect more soon!


English version will follow in days to come, I decided to make a Serbian version first, cause we don't have any clips like that on our native language and I want to promote high-end PC building in my and surrounding countries :)


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