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Here's a sad, little update. Got the desk fully assembled, got the 2 mini itx systems inside of it, got all the wire management done, all blocks installed, except for one. I call this "stupidity" of mine and lack of research. My "effed" up memory strikes again. I got tons of PETG tubing, Primochill tubes, which was good BUT since I was using Bitspower fittings, the tube won't fit in the tubing unless I sand down the end of the tube that will go inside the fittings. Maybe the Primochill tube is 1 to 2mm thicker than the insertion holes on the fittings. Now, I tried to sand the tubes down, in fact, I finished the loop from the reservoir to the cpu water block yesterday, but I basically gave up on using the PETG tube. It's too much time consuming and I have a very strong gut feeling that if I continue to use the PETG tubes the way I am doing it, the loop will probably spring a leak. I don't want that to happen. I mean, forcing something that will definitely compromise all the effort, time and energy I put in to building the desk and the system. So me and my wife, yes, my wife (since she's been involved in the assembly itself, sleeving, wire management etc.) decided to just purchase some BitsPower Crystal Link tubes and wait another week to complete the whole assembly of the systems.

This is what I was thinking on grabbing online.

I completely forgot about the thickness of the OD of the tube when using bitspower fittings. The sad part was, I asked my boss for a week of vacation expecting that I will completely finish the desk within 4 to 5 days. but since sanding down the tubes to fit in to the fittings is just too much work for me. So now, the assembly of the 2 systems will be delayed for a whole week before completion.


In this photo, you could see the desk is fully assembled in my room. It kinda has an angle to it. Gives my arms less stress compared to a straight horizontal surface. It looks scary at first, but I tested it out, and it's sturdy.

In this photo, the linear actuators on the legs are extended by 7 inches.

This is what it looks like when the actuators are fully extended by 12 inches,

Let the stressful, assembly begin.

BitsPower CPU waterblock for AMD.



Got both the system and waterblocks installed on this photo, time for some cable management and routing.

BitsPower CPU waterblock for Intel

BitsPower GPU block, installed!

Not the best wire/cable management in the world but...

Day no. 2. Our room is just a complete chaos. biggrin.gif

Got the radiators and fans installed on the bottom part of the desk. Although I forgot (again) to grab another GT stealth radiator. I forgot I was using one XSPC rad on my current rig. I thought I was using 2 GT stealth radiators. Well, it will do the job for now. I was supposed to do a push.pull config on all radiators, but the store here where I bought the Scythe SlipStream fans ran out of stock. I might just stay with a push config. Using the Cooler Master JetFlo fans, plugged in to a 12v fan hub, I guess will be good enough, for now.


This is the reservoir that I will be using, Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 200 V2

Here was the first problem that I encountered. Putting the reservoirs down instead on an elevated position will definitely give the pump a hard time. So I decided to come up with a quick solution.

A piece of acrylic sheet with brackets that will hold it on a vertical position will solve the problem. I was planning on painting it with some mirror effect paint, but the weather here is getting colder and colder.

A comment from iFreilicht gave me an idea. He was right, covering up the bottom part of the desk will be a shame will all the tubing that will go down there. So I decided instead of using wood and mesh to cover up the bottom part of the desk, here is what I came up. I will be using 4 cooler master JetFlo fans as intakes for the the bottom part.


The acrylic sheet got full of my fingerprints though.

The cover will be held up by 2 thumb screws.

Here comes the stressful part. Sanding the tubing down to fit in to the fittings. I know using dremel with sanding drum is not the best way to do it, but as soon as the fittings from bitspower came, I tried to test fit the tubes, and on that point, I already knew that I will definitely grab crystal link tubes.


Call me stupid or whatever, but this 3 inch piece of PETG tube took me about an hour to sand down and fit it in the fittings. Well this was my first time doing hard line loop, but still, an hour for a 3 inch..... Just stupid.... 


After a few more attempts, which took me a whole day, I finished the reservoir to pump to cpu waterblock loop, but on that point, I just gave up using the PETG tubes. It was too much work.



This is what the desk looks like right now. He looks sad. So sad and alone. tongue.gif


Hopefully, using this tube will save me a lot of time since (I hope) that this tube will fit perfectly in the fittings and all I need to do and chamfer the edges down to avoid damaging the O-rings of the fittings. There were some people who suggested a lot just to try to get the tubes to fit in to the fittings, like dipping the end of the tube to hot water and immediately putting it in the fitting, or using "OIL" to lubricate the tube, I know there are methods to get it work but instead, I will just purchase the crystal link tubes. Might save me some time and headache.


Well, see you next week for the next and hopefully, final update for my project! Thank you for reading through my build log and updates! If you have any comments in mind, please let me know.

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Here's another little update for my build.


I got the first system, which is the Intel Mini ITX system, up and running! I finished the doing the loop last night and stayed up until 1am trying to fix leaks! I got 2 leaks on the top part of the desk which were the elbow fitting for the GPU inlet and the elbow fitting for the pump discharge, which were fixed very easily because I just forgot to hand tight them properly. The bottom part of the desk was a different story. Since the bottom part was too cluttered because of  the cables and fans and rads, some of the fittings, I was not able to hand tight them properly and completely forgot to do so until I started the loop with DI water. I got 3 or 4 leaks on the bottom part I guess, which gave me a hard time fixing because of my ginormous hands (well actually, skinny and long hands), but in the end. after I got some scratches in my hands from pointed ends if pins from the fan hub that I was using, I was able to manage to get em all fixed and tightened! 


For a first timer like me on hard line loop, I was happy to see the result, although I could have done a bit more better job, I was still happy.











This is the bottom part of the desk where the tube to / from the top part of the desk.



The acrylic sheet cover  for the bottom part of the desk. 



First system up and running! although I noticed the res is starting to get a bit "cloudy" and there were  bubbles on it. And I dont think it will go away. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this?




Thank you for taking your time to see my update! See you on the next one, which hopefully will be the last!  tongue.png

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Hey everyone! Here's another small update! I am almost done with the build, just need to do a bit more cable management, and I think I could say that my project is complete!

Got the loop of the second system finished and now, both of the systems are up and running!



Here is the tube routing on the bottom part of the desk. I will try to route the cables away from obstructing the tubes from view.

In this photo, I put the top cover just to give me an idea of what will the finish product look like in reality..

The Blue LED's are, I guess, too "strong" for the eyes.I might just opt for a more "subtle" type of LED strip.


When I first made my concept for this project, I always have in my mind that I need at least one of the systems to have an optical drive, because I still burn stuff on CD's for back up. And I still want to have that option, but since the optical drive looks kinda "out of place" in my desk, I might just change that and put in a fan controller or something. I'll just purchase an external optical drive. I was planning on painting it, but the weather here just got too cold.


Looks good to me!


This will be the 2nd to the last update for my project. Just a bit more cable management, and this project of mine is complete! Again, thank you guys for reading through my work log, and see you next time!

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Thanks for the final update. :D Lovely mod!


The 'radiation- toxic' tubes are awesome.

Yo Pim! Thanks for the compliments! Well, this is not the final photo of my project, I still need to do a bit more cable management underneath, but other else than that I guess you can call if "Done". 


Yeah you're right, I love the "Green Glowing" tubes too! As a fan of Black and Green color scheme, I just love em! XD


I am doing the cable management right now, so I might be able to upload the final photos tonight or tomorrow..

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