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Skull Rider by 2R&D

enrico Luperini

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Final shots - part 2

-- The Skull rider is the first wordlwide private mod that uses Aurora led rings by #Alphacool! --


these photos were taken with the total dark in the room .
3,2,1 ... engine running ... let's go ^^



let's give a touch of badass to our riders .. even the bandana was handmade  ; )


I do not know why but this pic makes me think too Grim Fandango ! Do you remember that masterpiece game ??


and obviously exhuasts can't miss! really incredible! great choice the aurora led ring!


'wallpaper' time


what do you about about this shots by night? :)
soon I will also post the remainder of the shots , I announce that I have just taken photos looking for a nice black&white because I find these kind of picture very rich of charm! :)

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Here  we come to the last part of the pictures
as already I announced I have taken some photos and turn them into black & white version ..
of course according to my personal taste , on these photos ,the black and white sounds good!

but as always I leave you the last word ; )











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