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Ghost Rider.


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In this stage,  after setup a exhaust pipe already. you will see electric wire form PSU come out on top.

At PSU I designed new cover for looks like MOTO engine cover. I design it with Solidwork and use CNC.






Next step on top, We still use the original design. 









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But I will be fill more aggressive artworks. By designing a new tank cover with skull on fire, To match Ghost Rider concept.





When it's finished by CNC manufacturing. I brought it to shoot at sand blasting machine.






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Head skull in front of case. My brother made it from 3D Print, for used in his project case modding(Terminator).

And I tell him do it to me one. I must thank Cooler Master Thailand for allow me lend 3D print machine.





I brought it attaches in front of case with iron plate. And use Chavant Clay - NSP Hard Brown mask the skull and molding.

Until It's look like Ghost Rider Head. I made the key motorbike to switch on-off in eye sockets.

And painting it on fire with "Citadel color". In the molding process. I did not saving images. I apologize for the mistakes. T T



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And finally, do not forget it. setup all fan with cooler master jetflo 120  :glasses2: 





Picture a complete project I posted it on topic already. 

I apologize to you if the photo working procedure is too less. -/l\-

When I work Sometimes I always enjoy and concentrate on it until forget time.

When it's time for a break It has several steps ago. 



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