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[MOD] DSIGN III :: Lost paradise :: update ! 23.05.2006


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hello, i have worked a few moment and i just begun the lower of the case. I have cut a mesh of acrylic ( 21cm*50cm )and put some " cornière " to " maintenir "

the case on the futur. As it's my first full realisation, i work very slowly but i want that each action on the case make me satisfaction, i don't want doing any

mistake !

Then, i told me that the PSU wasn't really modded, but its so beautiful at the origine that i can't imagine doing anything more on it, so i decided to

" modded " its futur " emplacement " in the case. look ( i can't explain in english what i 've made so the pics will do it for me )

that's all for the moment, i'll try to work on the drive bay , then on the front as soon as possible, i have all my hardware and watercooling parts !

















[MOD EDIT]Please link to pictures that are over the forum set size limit.

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its only the start of the mod, it will take a lot of time i think, the PSU bay give me some difficulties and i have still some work on it !

it isn't really finish, you will see it when it will be ! ... before the end of this month i hope ! :wink:

the last pics realize with photoshop :


see u next time :D

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v nice indeed, cant wait to see how you gonna do your cutom reservoir as i have a CM stacker and i wanna make my own reservoir too (to fit in the spare PSU bay) but altho i have loads of ideas about how to make it they all involve using a soldering maching wich i don't have :cry::cry::cry:

plz post pics of that bit (making the reservoir)

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