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[MOD] DSIGN III :: Lost paradise :: update ! 23.05.2006


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yep i think so, i hope coolermaster won't have in project a worldwide contest in january or March 2006... my mod won't be finish ( i think , maybe not ) - i prefer take my time to make the properly alltough there is a contest during the realisation of this mod...

please mr CM , do the worldwide contest after march ! :lol:

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little update, i have received my 20 led High power white colour in 5mm and the same in 3mm , then i've search for a company which distribute real plexy ( makrolon, lexan, plexi, PMMA,etc... ) i would have prefered some pplexi panel react to UV in blue, but it's hard to find without paying astronomical sums ! if only ACryan can give me some acryclic !! ^^

Mine are Altuglass© mark , very good proprity !! i love it !


As you can see the last one i can found in the company ( I could only have small pieces free :( ) is a strange acrylic panel, there is an aluminium plate on each face of the plexi , i will engrave on the surface to see what sort of effect it can do !

the biggest piece of acrylic will be use to realize the top of my 6800 Grafic card Waterblock or maybe ( i hope ) for a 7800GTX if MSI taiwan allow me to be sponsored by them, giving this 7800 which have a Angel logo on their fan blowing on the GPU ! they give to their grafic card the same theme than my project case mod , so why don't have a partnership ?! ....i think i can dream more ! lol

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next update to show your the final sketch which can show you how will be the casemod....and what i have in mind !


the white vandal switch and the " angel " on front ( realize with door handle ) - it will be a whithe cathode dehind acrylic to illuminate the front .



the great piece of blue UV acrylic on the left will hide the HTF3 X triple radiator whith the 2 120mm Coolermaster fan ( i whish that ACryan can sponsorize me to have this sort of acrylic...:( ) the the reservoir in his aluminium box with some engraved acrylic window , illumination with some whithe LED HL 7500cdm, I will use 5 High power White LED to create a soft light inside and have a real good blue UV light by my tygon R3603 !

a piece of aluminium will hide the motherboard ( like Defyant's Mod ) , on the top it will be the HDD bay ( i have 3 HDD for this mod ) and only my raptor will be WC , and I will put my hard disk in this aluminum pane which has the shape of a radiator :



the reservoir





that'all, enjoy ! :D

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t is not current to see case with the angel theme whereas theme like DRAGON, DEVIL, or MOVIE / GAME are more.


the feather will be cut in the aluminium top and below we could see the acrylic engraved with white led, then the blue UV reservoir, the radiator home made for cooling my hdd , etc...

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no, you're the fist in all my topic dedicated to this casemod who tell me this ! Thx to you , i do my best to make such beautiful pics , i always think that a good pics is 50% of a good casemod... take a bad pics of the MOD ORAC 3 and i'm sure that the case mod won't look like a very good casemod !

so that's why i bought a PANASONIC FZ2 on ebay whith some optical complement, to an other hand i'm learning photography by myself , you can see some pics i have done on this forum :


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