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Update 3-11-2017

I finally managed to get around to building the keyboard tray.  And the first version... well... it failed.  But, I will show the pictures anyway:

I started with an old, under-desk style of keyboard tray, that I took off an old desk, out at my local dump/last chance yard.


I removed the mount from the tray, as the tray was actually, about a half an inch too wide!  So, I began to make my own tray instead.


I then, mounted the rail onto the case:

However, upon first use of the tray, I found that the tray was too far back and would not tuck away properly.  So, I made an extension:


At this point, the keyboard tucked away nicely:


But then!  Then, I ran into the next issue... how and where to attach my mouse pad?  Crap... It was at this point (and 12:30 in the morning, by the way) that I realized that this particular design would not work.  So... I re-thunk it.


I took the old the tray, that I was going to toss out, and modified it to fit with the confines of the case.  I wasn't about to let that half an inch deter me!
So... I cut off 4 inches!  And this is the result!


It works pretty well, now!  I have plenty of room on the mousepad for movement and plenty of space for the keyboard, as well.  It tucks into the front nicely, too.

I managed to fix my fan wiring this morning, too.  I found out that I had miss-mired the CAT5 connector that I was using in the door, which caused me to create the magic, blue smoke from my fan controller... so now... I'll need a new controller.  But otherwise, that cabling is working properly now.

Next up will the be integration of the subwoofer and speaker inputs, into the floor board.  Then, put in the last of the door connections so that the doors will be easily removable, when necessary.



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3-12-2017 Update!


I had a fairly, productive day, today.  I've attached the keyboard tray to a better mount and am now in the process of designing my mount and attachment for the racing controls.


As well, I tore apart my subwoofer and integrated it into the floor, along with the hookups and amplifier for the speaker system.  Next up on the speaker front, will be to make my connectors and door patches, so the doors will be truly removable.

It's coming along!


Here is the teardown of the subwoofer and internal electronics for the speakers.


I took the floorboard and cut out a hole for the subwoofer.


I then, split a piece of 2x3 (as I didn't want a lot of weight and it was the only piece of wood that I had laying around that would do the job) in half, after cutting it to the necessary lengths.

I then mounted the power supply for the speaker system within the new box.


I then mounted the speaker and used one of my fan grills, with 4 spacers, as a guard for the speaker.


All that was left was to attach the new floorboard/subwoofer combo onto the case and hook everything up!
You'll also notice that I attached the speaker inputs and subwoofer control to the frame, as well (this made for an easy hookup, but I may try to figure out if there is enough space on the Computer component side of the case to attach it there.  So far, it has not bothered my feet in its current position.


The new keyboard mount.



It doesn't sound half bad, either.  Granted, without the walls and ceiling, it loses a lot of its punch, but I was able to get it to a decent volume and it was shaking my seat a little bit.  It is nice to not have the big box for the subwoofer, down in the foot area anymore.



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New bucket seat installed!  Whooo!


I'm getting very close to making the final adjustments, begin welding, and putting on the outer skin and insulation!




The last of my door connections (wiring and plates) should be finished by tomorrow night, when I receive my next shipment of parts.  Then, I have one more addition to the keyboard mount for the steering wheel attachment, along with a rail for the shift lever.


I'm already enjoying playing games on this system!

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Alrighty.  The Steering wheel attachment is good!  I May need to stiffen the support for it, but it works!


I cut down another set of frames and did not drill out the embedded threads.  This allowed me to utilize the crank bolts that formerly went with the screen kit and makes for a sturdy connection that I can remove at any time.  Further testing did let me know that the wheel is just a touch too high and after having my roommate test it out, as well, I will have to consider revising the mount.  This may be something that I will accomplish once I begin to do all of the welding, as I believe I can make a cleaner, better and stronger mount once I have some of the welding completed.


Tada!  Steering wheel!

With shifter.



I'm going to work on the my door connections tonight and then, pretty soon, I'll start gathering the materials to skin and insulate the whole thing!


(edited with additions)


Well, I worked on my door connections!


Right Door Connections for the Rear Speaker and the Fan harness.


I color coded the Left side door connections (with my special "color coding" tool) to match the speaker ends.


The left side door connectors for the speakers (front and rear) plus fan harness.


Then, I dismantled the USB 3.0 hub and attached it to the case.

Pretty soon, I will get some better pictures of the whole thing, in better lighting and outside of my garage, as I just don't have enough room to take any good pictures.


In other news, I have to accelerate my project now, as my roommate and I will be losing our house, soon, due to circumstances beyond our control.  So, not only do I need to finish this project, but I have to work on cleaning out all of my tools and stuff, pack up, and then figure out where I'm going to put everything!  It's gonna be a whole lotta fun here, soon!  Yay!

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9 hours ago, witkazy said:

Sorry to hear about the house man ,plus You have double dead line to work under that aint no picknick, but i am sure You going to swing it ,and it looks like You are "in the zone" with the project so hang in there .Cheers.

Thanks.  It will be an interesting few weeks to come, indeed.

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Short update for 4-4-2017


Because of some snafus at work and putting in more than 120 hours in at work, for the last two weeks, I have not had much time to work on anything.  I'm hoping to focus a bit more of my time toward this in the coming days.  So this will just a quick showing of what I will be using to skin the frame.

All panels will be velcroed onto the frame to make for easy removal.




I promise to have some bigger updates very soon.  Since I will HAVE to... because the deadline is looming... for both my project AND having to move to another home.


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