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AQUARIUM - linear actuators-driven water cooling 5K2K 21:9 mod


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I started this project from making sketches on paper, about possible water cooling components development and placement for build of my dreams (this is the second build I ever made). It took about a second to understand that a case was necessary before any further step, and this is the moment the C700M appeared on my google searches: a monstrous and beautiful case.

The key point from beginning was to include a system to get motorized movement of front and top panels, trying not to alter too much the original look of this case: the idea of opening / closing them every time I would use the pc made me anxious :roll:... what if I would forget it closed? Not for me... :toothy8:


Since I honestly didn't know about the CMWS2019, first part of the mod building (installing motherboard and graphic cards for example) doesn't have any pic, but I had chance to make few more of them when revisioning my build.


Wish me luck pls :wave:






  • Cooler Master C700M case
  • LG 5K2K 5120x2160 Ultrawide 21:9 34" monitor
  • Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce motherboard
  • Intel I9-9900K cpu
  • 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX amp ram
  • 2x Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 TI Xtreme Waterforce gpus in NV-Link configuration
  • Gigabyte Aorus NV-Link Bridge RGB
  • 2x Samsung V-NAND SSD 970 PRO 1 TB in raid0 configuration
  • Razer Huntsman keyboard
  • Razer Firefly Hard Edition
  • Razer Naga Trinity mouse


Water cooling:

  • Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 XT with Aquasuite software
  • 2x Aquacomputer Aqualis reservoirs
  • 2x Aquacomputer D5 NEXT pumps
  • 2x Aquacomputer Flow sensors
  • 2x Aquacomputer Filter with stainless steel mesh and flow valves
  • 2x Aquacomputer Quadro fan controller
  • 2x Aquacomputer Farbwerk led controller
  • 2x Aquacomputer Hubby7 usb hub
  • Aquacomputer Splitty-9 aquabus hub
  • 3x Aquacomputer temperature sensor
  • 6x Aquacomputer inline temperature sensor
  • 2x EKWB EK-Coolstream PE360 radiators
  • 14x EKWB EK-Vardar EVO 120ER RGB fans
  • Cooler Master Master Fan Pro 140 Air Pressure RGB fan
  • Matrix Orbital EVE2 lcd display
  • Matrix Orbital USB2SPI board


Front and top panels motorization:

  • 3x Irrobot MightyZap 78N RS485 motors
  • 3x OLED display I2C
  • 2x chip45 Crumbuino-Mega ATmega2560 RS485 boards
  • 2x chip45 3.3v step-down voltage regulator
  • 2x Aquacomputer temperature sensor
  • 2x Aquacomputer inline temperature sensor


Ligthing system:

  • Gigabyte Aorus RGB Fan Commander
  • 1x CableMod WideBeam Hybrid led kit RGB/UV
  • 7x CableMod WideBeam Hybrid led strip 30cm RGB/UV
  • 3x CableMod WideBeam Hybrid led strip 60cm RGB/UV
  • 2x Aquacomputer UV led
  • 1x Aquacomputer Farbwerk 360
  • 6x Aquacomputer RGBpx strip


Final video:


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WORKLOG 07/03/2019


Received first components: radiators, reservoirs, pumps, aquaero, mobo, and cpu. This first build revision had a simple pull fan configuration on radiators, honestly I didn't think I would manage to improve it later. Also first time with bending PETG tubes, what a crazy week: pieces and shavings of petg everywhere on the floor...









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WORKLOG 22/03/2019


The idea is to build a smart driven front panel (same for top panel), which would of course be manually open and closed, but also controlled by two variables:

  1. Delta temperature between hot water coming from gpus
  2. Fan rotation speed (at the beginning RPM, later I will develop a new version based on PWM reading)

Having some kind of redundancy would maintain front panel operativity even if a fan or a temperature sensor would fail (those time sensors can break very easily).

So, the first attempt was made using a simple fan, a MightyZap servo (not the RS485 version at the moment) and an Arduino-like board.



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WORKLOG 30/03/2019


First build revision without gpus (using integrated graphic card). At the moment I can only test cpu loop, pc components (ram, cpu, mobo, v-nand SSDs) and install lighting system.

Cablemod kit comes with a 5 pins receiver (hybrid strips has 5 pins either), so I managed to split the standard 4 rib pins from the UV pin: this way I can control the UV light using the Cablemod remote, while I can manage the rib portion of strips with Aorus RGB Fan Controller.



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WORKLOG 10/05/2019


Finally received the RTX 2080 TI video cards. I decided to use a better push-pull fan configuration...this means having to place every water cooling component (reservoirs, pumps, sensors, and also tubes) differently. This is one of the worst moments, when you have to rebuild everything:



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