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AQUARIUM - linear actuators-driven water cooling 5K2K 21:9 mod


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WORKLOG 10/09/2019


New motor controller unit revision based on Crumbuino Mega with built-in RS485 chip, compatible with the new RS-485 motors installed on top and front panel. This new MCU revision got touch sensor for manually opening front and top doors, and also led mini display to get motor feedback (position, temperature, alarm error). In case of a negative feedback from motor (wrong position, high temperature, etc) the MCU will stop generating the rpm signal.

At this point, the Aquasuite Quadro fan controller will not get the rpm and generate and alarm.




Top panel hinges, first release in plastic:











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WORKLOG 13/09/2019


Time to cut retention clips from front panel (installed plastic hinges also on that):






Motor placement for the front panel door:




Front door installed and ready to be connected with motor:



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