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TekRed Mods- Project Mirakuru


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Hey guys my name is Devin but most know me by TekRed Mods. I always try to push myself to get better with every build. 


This year I will be doing a tower mod in the C700P Black Edition chassis. My inspiration is from one of my favorite characters from DC comics Deathstroke. Mirakuru is the name of the drug Slade Wilson took that turned him into Deathstroke so I thought it was fitting. It is actually the way the Japanese would pronounce Miracle


I really love this case so I don’t plan on cutting it up too much just going to make it look good... hopefully :) . I am designing and 3d printing all parts used in the build myself and I’m still learning 3d design so it won’t be completely perfect but I’ll do my best. Will be updating as I go, hope you enjoy


          build theme and colors


black and orange


                    Tools used

Fusion 360

3d printer

paint gun



          products and sponsors


Cooler Master-




X570 Aorus Xtreme

RTX 3080 Waterforce 

Aorus RGB Memory 16gb @3200mhz

Aorus P850W

Aorus Gen4 SSD 2TB



water cooling



Ryzen 9 3900x



Custom Cable Extentions


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So along with the swords I really wanted to take some inspiration from Deathstroke armor without just throwing some armor on the case. Redesigning the front panel and then I can start on the interior. Just messing around with some ideas for the inside. I’ve seen a few people use the bitspower distro for the c700p but everyone uses it the same way even though this case is fully modular so why not have some fun with it



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So I told myself I I didn’t want to do anything crazy for this build as I am pushed for time with 2 other projects but the more I am messing with this case the more possibilities I find. I started working on the inside of the case. While only being able to use photos for reference it make it’s a little more difficult. The bottom part is actually going to be the water distribution block from bitspower and I really likes the angles so I designed a panel to match it on the top then I started thinking what if the motherboard had the same angle. With this case being completely modular it wasn’t hard to test it out. The components are just for testing. 







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