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D0liveira - SP4RCESHIP


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After all the cuts, I started roughing the ship to remove excess fiber, and after that, applying the polyester putty and sanding until I got the best finish. At this point the body was already used to so much itching because of the fiberglass. HAHAHA









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Before showing the painting process, I will share the attempt to make the base of the ship, which unfortunately was not successful and almost caused an accident with the project. I started the idea of supporting the ship by building the shock absorbers on top of a wooden base, and I was not successful. After that, with little time to make a decision and manage to solve the problem, I asked a friend to make a triangular base in steel Metalon, with support to screw the shock absorbers in a safer and more fixed way.











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But my wife saw the finished painting and thought the color was too dark, and the project could be meaningless. So I had the decision to keep it as it was, or choose another shade of lighter gray. In my workshop I found 2 more shades of gray to decide.


The chosen color was Scandium Gray Metallic. This paint has a Polyurethane base, but I did not use the varnish for the final finish and left the finish matte. It took 6 coats of paint throughout the craft to cover the dark color and to achieve a tone that really turned out as I had imagined in the project.


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