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Armoured Core Customs - Goliath

Simon Quinn

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Chassis parts stripped of chrome paint and repainted with the silver cold gal and clear coat topcoat. The Aorus pieces hanging are part of a keychain for the keys to the locker and a “PC passport” holder which will contain the numerous keys and passwords that accumulate when owning a PC, Updates to come tomorrow. 




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Here are all the tools required to completely assemble Goliath and the water loop. They are old second hand tools i have gathered over the course of building. I am going to modify this old Ryobi assorted driver bit case to become a mini toolbox to be stored within the locker. 288A9FC5-7750-43CE-8B13-7C58FC5D69D9.thumb.jpeg.1725f39e56775db87d05e7d3491cd27c.jpeg




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Here are all the tools required to assemble Goliath. 

The old Ryobi box has been given a refresh with some paint and i have applied a bunch of stickers I have had accumulating. We all get the sticker sheets pile up as it’s hard to find a place for them. Using them to personalise your PC toolbox is a great place I think. 

the foam is recycled from an old PSU box, and the old tools have been acid etched with white vinegar then galvanised. 

Im a big fan of using vinegar to remove rust and clean steel. It’s about the most eco friendly way as it uses no electricity and is harmless to the environment, plus no labour involved 🙂. The below were vinegar bathed for two days. 










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Control board for the 10’1 inch monitor


Alphacool NeXxos 1260mm Supernova, 4 X Aerocool 200mm, 6x 120mm Aerocool Edge pro which make up the Cooler for the water loop. I have sneakily ported the cables for the 200mm fans through the centre of the rad by removing 3 copper fins between the channels. 





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The final build begins. The Aorus X570 Xtreme is the mother of the hardware. The motherboard I purchased second hand from a fellow off of Facebook marketplace for $400 aud unused!! Im a big fan of pre loved goods. Here I have fitted the Alphacool Eisbaer Solo AIO in place to cool the 5900x CPU. 

On the back of the motherboard I have created a custom bracket and attached is a Coolermaster 170C CPU cooler to cool the back of the cpu, there is 6mm of thermal pad between the CPU socket and the cooler. Funny story about how I got my hands and this cooler. I advertised on social media for ANYBODY that has a AMD GPU to suit my waterblock. A guy named Ryan in my area saw my add and was eager to help. It was uncanny he arrived, I took one look at him and said “what do you do for work” seeing him covered in very familiar work stains, burnt clothing and a rugged look. Ryan said “Guess”. I replied “you are a boily aren’t you?” we both just laughed. a “Boily” here in Australia refers to a boilermaker or what is commonly known as a fabricator of engineering. We immediately clicked and he tried a good 10 of his 80 GPUs but sadly no luck. It was good to meet another boily after over 2 years of missing the career. Rushing this build over 7 days has given me a little faith back into the community 😁


I have also cut a cover plate for the area around the Eisbaer solo from 3mm plate steel and painted it matte black to match the motherboard. 






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Additional info
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Applying Alpha cool Eisfrost Xtreme liquid metal thermal compound. Whenever applying liquid metal thermal compound I advise doing this in warmer ambient temperatures as the liquid metal is far easier to spread when above melting temperature. 


  • Thermal conductivity: 40W/mK (the best non metal thermal compounds range between 16-17W/mk
  • Spec. heat capacity: 320 J (kgK)
  • Electrical conductivity: 3.29 MS/m
  • Spec. electrical resistance: 0.453 Ω∙mm²/m
  • Density: 6.44 g/cm³ at 20 °C
  • Viscosity: 6 m Pa ∙ s at 20 - 110 °C
  • Surface tension: 0.38 N/m 
  • Melting temperature: - 19.3 °C



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This is basically the only way I can display a picture to show the i70c is actually functional as a cooler for the back of the board. Once the other pieces go in there will be no way too view it. The motherboard mount and the cavity it provides is a key component behind Goliath as a whole. 



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Step one: place Chassis on table

Step two: seat cooling unit in by socketing the bolts through the mounting points located in each corner.

Step three: Use the T wrench to tighten down the four M5 nuts onto the the bolts. 
Done the entire cooling system affixed solidly with just 4 bolts. 

a thing to note here is the faceplate that bolts into the chassis could use any variety of hole patterns to mount basically all models of cooling hardware. On the front radiator plate I have taped my own M3 bolt holes to affix the 6 120mm fans as the 1260mm NeXxos is designed for 140mm fans. 









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