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Armoured Core Customs - Goliath

Simon Quinn

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These are the only tools I have used to fabricate Goliath (excluding consumables such as drill bits, sandpaper ect) I wasn’t kidding when I said I was on a tight budget 😂 


a little air compressor, an angle grinder, 110 amp arc (stick) welder, clamps, glass cutter, vice, drill, sander, hacksaw, a chunk of brass, some straight edges and the table it’s all sitting on. 


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Why is it named Goliath. 

Well this project has been a story of one man vs a giant. I have worked tirelessly on this project to bring it to fruition. Creating Goliath has taken a great deal of resourcefulness, bartering, scavenging, mental planning, and dedication to bring to completion. After feeling like I have truly nothing left I have managed to create what I feel is a true masterpiece (obviously I am bias 😛


I will quote Sting here “I do my best work when in pain and turmoil” having this project has given me a means to channel all of that energy and transform it into something I take great pride in. 

I would like to thank My wife for being my unwavering supporter through all of this and being my third hand even though I am a nightmare to work with because I am such a perfectionist. It takes a strong person to understand an ASD mind, I could not have done this without her….. I kind of picked her PC clean to fund this project. So my next personal build will be to make up for her sacrifice. 

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And the moment I have been so eager for. The professional photographs taken by Lynn Stephens-Tait. Lynn generously donated her time, experience and equipment to take these photos of Goliath. My family and I will be forever grateful. 

even these amazing photos don’t compare to viewing the build with your own eyes. 




















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Here are some benchmark statistics for Goliath. 

there is a benchmark for noise levels through gigabyte SIV. The noise levels range between 65db to 80db under maximum load. When set to passive the fans are at zero rpm. The Alphacool VPP755 pump is a re engineered D5 design with high performance internals which make it quietest pumps available.


The massive cooling on Goliath has the potential to push the system so much further but I am novice to overclocking and still have much to learn.    

Screenshot (8).png

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (12).png

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