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Armoured Core Customs - Goliath

Simon Quinn

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Step 4: Affix rubber material to the cable portals of the motherboard mount using M3 stainless bolts. 


The rubber matting is recycled leftovers from protecting our furniture corners for our daughter Valkyrie. She is 4 now and learning to stand and move about again for the second time. 







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Step 5: Affix the mount to the chassis with M10 stainless bolts. 

in a perfect scenario I would slot the holes for an adjustable position, when you see the tools I have used to get here you will understand. 





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Correction of bolt size.
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Step 6: cable management…… this step takes me hours and I’m terrible at managing cable so I’ll just highlight some good bits. 

It’s important to run ALL cables at this step as once the motherboard goes on you cannot access inside the mount. 
it’s also important to make clearance room for the back of motherboard (BOM cooler) 

there is a heck of a lot of cable here so it’s a bit long to list off but some are, 2 temp sensors (one inside the mount, the other inside the rad fins), cable and adapters for the 10 fans, all Mobo cables, 5m! of ARGB cable, 2x hdmi cable, Audio, fibre optic cable, 2x antenna, Aorus RGB fan commander for the 6 120mm and the Aercool hub running the x4 200mm fans and additional RGB, noise detection sensor maybe a few others. 

the cables running out of the PC are shrouded with natural suede leather that I have recycled from an old welding lead shroud I had in the garage. I have bound it with stainless zip ties to tighten the lot so it ports through the channel inside the locker nicely. Cables can also be ported through the opening at the front of the base for completely hidden cable management, that is if you are willing to drill a hole in its resting place.


I got the boo boo from handling the zip ties, I knew I should have been wearing gloves to pull the zip ties tight. My hands have gone from being permanently oil stained, burned are hardened by steel to those of a new born child since leaving fabrication. 











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Step7: Affix motherboard with M3 stainless bolts  into the threaded M3 bolt holes on the mount. There a multiple variations for different motherboard positions. 

Something I would like to mention here is how much of a dream it has been to work with the X570 Xtreme motherboard. This motherboard design is a true master of engineering. With it almost completely armoured front and back of board it was very easy to make the build visually appealing. Not to mention protecting its delicate innards from a blind boilermaker with a pointy screwdriver 😂. The Aorus RGB fan commander has made the nightmare of managing fans and RGB cables into pleasing experience with an efficient, centralised location. No splitters are used in this build. The motherboard software of this particular board is yet to be flaunted.

Getting Close 😁






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Step 8: fit the 10.1 inch LCD screen and controller board into the chassis with 6mm stainless security bolts


the back plate is leftover gal plate scrap from the build, the glass  face plate is also the same recycled glass as what you will soon see placed on the four sides.


the controller and screen where purchased from an electronics recycler. I had to purchase the appropriate DC power supply. 




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Step 9: fit piping for the cooling. 

I am still waiting on a final order to arrive tomorrow which contains some fittings to finish the look. 

the inlet out outlet hoses from the loop are 16mm soft tube sleeved with stainless overbraid sleeve that is  recycled from and industrial dishwasher hose. 

the 16mm PETG hard tube I bent without any official tools. Just a clamp, a length of soft rope, a chunk of brass round bar scrap and a hair dryer. 

the fittings use are a collaboration of design I imagined would fit. I knew it was close in my head but not THIS Close hahaha. Th tolerances are literally touching faces 







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Installing my beloved 1TB, gen 4, Aorus NVME, 5000mbs. This SSD has amazed me with its performance. It’s a pity to remove the chunky full copper heat sync from the front but I managed to keep the back heat sync and it’s a perfect fits. The vibrant orange of the copper is hidden nicely. 




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