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Project: Ares Flow (2009 Modding Contest Entry)


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Well got a little more work done today, just got back into town so I did not have alot of time.

I decided to pay a little attention to the hard drive racks, I have a great idea and it involves actually bending the acrylic. I will be using a plumbers torch to heat the acrylic, it actually gets pretty pliable when you heat it up. This is my first shot at it free hand, but it did not work out that great, So tomorrow when Home Depot is not closed I will be goign to pick up some wood to make a jig.


A Sneak peak of what the acrylic inside the case will look like.


My dog is trying to figure out what the :) I was doing.


These pics courtesy of my wife :) (explains the blur)









It came out looking good, camera died before I could get a final pic, but, it was a little mishape. The Jig that I make tomorrow should give me a nice square hard drive cage.

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You are one of the few that I know uses a torch to bend acrylic. The guys I know use heat guns or one of the pros I know, uses a raw element that turns red hot and says it is the best way to make bends (I'd rather not, it looks really dangerous). It is though, once red hot, really fast, especially when bending a bunch of pieces.


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Small update for you, finally solved the hd rack problem and I think the solution looks great!! Here is the update hope you guys enjoy.



Here is what I came up with for the HD cage I love it! simple and sleek. It is really strong!





Thanks for following! Untill next time!

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Just wanted to let you know that I adapted your hdd stand in my mod--with acrylic! Since I only had 1/8" stuff, I'm going to use your reinforcement idea to make it sturdier. Thanks for widening my horizons! I was going to use bent sheet metal which was going to be a pain to bend without a press.

BTW, how are you doing? Haven't heard from you for a while and you still got a lot to show us yet.


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