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V8 CM 09 Mod Contest Worklog


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BTW, is Holden only made in Australia? Only seen the brand there and some stray exports in Asia.

Yeah Holden is made in Australia but it comes under the general motors banner so some of the cars are designed similar to some of the american ones and vauxhall in europe.

try use some hot glue for the piping it will keep it in place mate

Thanks for the tip it worked perfectly :D so all fixed now

Back to updating it has been a while but I have a bit of time off this week in between running various errands I have taken some time to do a bit more work and post some updates

More work has been done on the memory cooler it has been bogged up sanded and primed




Still needs another sand before applying a coat of chrome

Done more work on the reservior housing


Tubing will be hidden in this panel


The tubing will run into/out of the case through these holes

Tubing linking the reservoirs will be hidden underneath this panel




The reserviors will stick up into this top section

I have some images of how the left hand windowed side is starting look with the reservoirs





It hasnt been glued together yet but it gives you a good idea of how it is shaping up I only put 3 of the resrvoirs in for the photos as the last on was hooked up for some basic testing.

Well that is all for this update I might go and finish off linking the tubing and the memory cooler :D

Good Luck to everyone :D

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Making a run for the finish with a few changes

Im not going to be using the memory cooler that I was working on a couple of parts were a bit too tight and it broke in the same couple of places :(

Also as for things that were not working my mate was going to tap one of the reservoir lids to take a G1/4 fitting to hook up to the fill port but the lid cracked during the tapping process, he then was going to thread some metal and tap that but had problems and his workload backed right up so I made this alternative




And with a whole heap of hot glue to stick and seal the lid. Put some water into it to check it was completely sealed

Another issue I had with the pipe windows but the solution I think will look far better


I was unhappy with how it looked with the window so I decided to try casting resin


Made a couple of moulds so I could make 2 at a time and complete it in 2 runs




About 12 hours later I have a solution


The new windows had an added effect I had not considered they magnify :D


Or cut my fingers off ;)

I just have to sand the ends flat, smooth the surfaces and I am going to paint a chrome strip on the top and bottom

I have some more pictures of the reservior setup




Connected up the first 3



The res on the left will connect to the fillport


Clamped and glued together

Well thats all for this update better get back into it :P

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Oops, now I see 4 reservoirs (they are reservoirs, right?), I take back my previous comment. Were you on schedule for the old deadline? You had as many setbacks as me! Anyways till the end of the month gives us a breather and as many projects, I will not be able to appreciate it fully until it is put together. Good luck for the rest of the trek!

Cheers and Saludos

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I haven't seen you update lately mate, are you planning to finish it up elsewhere? Let me know to see how it ends up. I just submitted the best I could a few minutes ago.

Cheers and Saludos

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