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V8 CM 09 Mod Contest Worklog


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Welcome to my first mod :D

I have built half a dozen pcs prior to this but this is my first attempt at modding and watercooling and it has quickly grown on me.

The theme for my mod is a V8 engine. I started work on it a couple of months ago and came across this contest whilst browsing the site and I thought I'd share my worklog :D It is a little scattered and all over the but Ill try and catagorise each major part.


Case - CoolerMaster CM 690

CPU - Intel Core i7 920

Mainboard - Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME

Memory - OCZ 3x2gb 1600mhz

GPU - Gigabyte NVidia 260GTX 216

Power - Corsair HX-1000

Apologies for some of the poor image qualities


Alright ill start with one of the smaller mods.


My friend mr OCZ met with flat head screwdriver


And got a facelift



And the remains of the old heatspeader

Modding my graphics card was a little more challenging

I had an idea that graphics cards should have a window and a little more bling lighting


The Patient




And now my first major problem arose...

Unfortunately the heatsink I had purchased suited the old 260GTX and not the new one and due to the board design change a row of capacitors prevented the heatsink making contact so heatsink met with my friend mr dremel.


Voila we have a perfect fit now :D



I then cut out a spot for the window and for the tubing


A part off the old heatsink was cut so that I could reattach the orignal cover to the board


The underside of the completed cover. The left side has a new 70mm fan and the chunk of heatsink. The right has another couple of bits of the heatsink as well as a couple of LEDs


The final card all tubed up ready to go


Card with bling turned on


And close up

Case Dismantling

Unfortunately for some weird reason I didnt take any photos of the case before I dismantled it. I took alot of photos of how smaller sections were riveted together.




The hard drive cage and 5.25" cage sprayed with chrome paint


The full case

Case additions


PVC fittings to make the exhaust


and a coat of paint


new and old


various bits of mdf for making valve boxes





building up the valve boxes


homemade rad grill




And a lick of paint


and a couple of coolermaster 120s

The hole in the top is to fit the power switch. I decided pretty early on that I was going to have an ignition switch so I procured a quad bike ignition barrel off ebay.



The barrel did not have any momentary stage so after adding a spring to it we had a momentary ignition


I then fitted a barrel to protect the spring and mounted a couple of LEDs

Well thats covered most of the stuff that I have uploaded from my camera. Will post more later on :D

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This is pretty neat especially for a first time mod. I gather your theme is automotive like an engine on a car? Could you share some of your plans regarding this?

Thanks :) Yeah the theme is based on a V8 engine. Whilst planning I had found another mod that looked like a V8 that was done using 2 of the same cases on a slight angle and while it looked great I thought certain elements were missing from it.


My plan was to make it look like a V8 and have the power of a V8. I also wanted to show off some internal workings but also have some of the insides lookinglike parts of an engine. My original plan was to build some pistons and possibly have them move. I started to work on this idea I have some pics which I will upload a bit later. I aborted it because it was going to be too difficult to execute. I was going to just have the pistons static but then I had a better idea. I tried to build an acrylic reservoir with little success. I found some bitspower cylindrical reservoirs which I am using for the pistons. I am also making a oil top up (fill port) which taps straight into the reserviors.

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Looks like a good starting point for you own version of a V8 mod! If you try to show some kind of engine internals-Great, too! I will wait to see what you come up with as your project progresses. Funny, another ingenious use of wood for a mod like slipperskip...I must be missing out on its use :wink:

Kudos for being your first.


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Looks like a good starting point for you own version of a V8 mod! If you try to show some kind of engine internals-Great, too! I will wait to see what you come up with as your project progresses. Funny, another ingenious use of wood for a mod like slipperskip...I must be missing out on its use :wink:

Kudos for being your first.


Thanks for your support, I've enjoyed watching your UFO come together :) Though I think slipperskips wood work is in a completely different league to mine :wink:

Well I think im due for another update, I had done a whole heap of work but it bit here and there a few bits are starting to come together. I did have an issue with a dremel dying on me but thank goodness for warranty :D

I decided upon making a memory cooler :D Its still a work in progress


And heres a shot of a semi complete outside made up of perspex and a bit of mesh I salvaged from the front facia


Dismantled a couple of 60mm fans for painting


And that was one version of the base plate for the fans to sit on I took about 4 shots before I got it how I liked I had problems with it cracking and holes were misaligned


Attached the fans but they sat a little skew if so I remade the base plate


Finally got it right and hooked up some leds and rejigged the fan wiring to run off one 3 pin header


I got my reservoirs and fan controller and few other bits earlier on

The 4 reservoirs are going to sit on one side of the case to represent the pistons



I got a bunch of brass fittings to hook up the reservoirs gave them all a shot of flat black to blend in with the base of the reservoirs.


Holes were cut into the top of the valve box for the tops of the reservoirs to sit in


Cut out some pvc pipe which needs to be given a sand prime paint and then add a window behind so you can see into the reservoirs


I did some work on the front facia

I took the front facia removed the mesh from the top and the 2 silver strips that ran down both sides as well as cut out the plastic mesh from behind the bottom section.


I bogged up both the sides from where the silver strips were and sanded it straight still needs the once over with a bit of wet and dry



Cut out a section of aluminium sheeting to place onto the bottom section to highlight the fan.

And there we are and so this concludes the next update on the V8 build more to come...

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Yeah mate, you are making several of us nervous--no updates on a pretty cool mod, unless you are modding "stealth". Hope you don't drop the whole tamale on us at once down the road, most of us like to see the projects develop and I assure you, yours is a keeper!

Cheers/Saludos and don't make yourself scarce!

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I've still been working on it :) I've had a few hiccups and study commitments which have slowed me down lately. I made a balls up with one part of my reservior piston which will require one section to be redone. I also sent off the lid for one of the reservoirs to my mates work to get it tapped to put in the fill port and unfortunately the lid cracked so hes got to make another one. I've also had my dremel die on me but has since been replaced so that should make life easier from here on in. I'm nearly at the stage where I can attach the piston cases to the sides of the case I'll upload some more pics in the next day or two to wet your appetites :P

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Time for some updates :P

The front panel has been painted and pretty close to completed







Ive done some more work on the side


this is kind of how it will be laid out on each side


template for the fillet pieces to go between the box and the side panel


Cut out the clear panels for the window side


Cut some aluminium angle fix each panel to the side


Fixed a couple of strips to panel


Added some more detail to the piston housing

Well thats about it for the moment more updates to come :)

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