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Project: BEAST - 2009 Mod Contest Entry


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I have managed to write some things for my case. Is this the correct way of the worklog???? I hope that my English are good enough so everybody can understand what i have done.

And i promise that on my next built in the future i will take more pictures to see better what i have done.

Thanks again for your comments.

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Heh! Could have fooled me about "bad" English. Everything perfectly understood and explained, even though they were only the "finished" photos. It would have been great if you had started from the beginning...more photos and explanations were needed. Do you have your project on Sketchup or similar? It would give a better perspective of what you started out with and what you arrived at in the end. Even sketches on paper are useful. Lack of photos during construction can be replaced somewhat with dissasembly where you explain a certain part in more detail and the tricks you invented/used to get it done, for eg. the hdd case.

As you say, this is the first time you make a log (altho I've been a modder for over 20 yrs.), but it is the first time I make a log myself and also the first time I compete. It was coincidental that I began making my worklog and project when the contest opened. Seeing slipperyskip's (he has participated in many contests and won) worklog gave me a lot of ideas--the more explanation, the better. I will cross my fingers to see if the contest staff will approve your project report.

The next time, I'm sure, you will make a kick-:) worklog!


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