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Project Mega Deblow - Watercooled Desk


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Adding black paint to help the carbon wrap stick better around the glass top slot









After lots of messing and 1 or 2 tea breaks the wrap was almost on (1st test build) Desk has been taken apart in order to fit new items and make other changes.






One of the hardest parts (carbon wrap) over with :D and the toughened 6mm thick glass fitted


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my wife is very happy now most the house is getting back to normal & shes not having to clean-up saw dust & paint every day lol

the green base under the RES in the photo above has been remade 4 times so far due to changing the tube placement, 1st & 2nd was black, 3rd was green, 4th is now black & im sure i will be remaking it again soon when i change pump & add 2nd RES.

the wrap is 4D, but its hard to show the effect in the photos.

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right now im rebuilding the desk and making some changes, i was almost done with the build but i have the parts needed to watercool the GPU's 



here are the EK compression fitting i wll be using for most connections










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Using the G1 Sniper 3 motherboard, one of the reasons i went for green and black 







My RAM, also green and black



And to power all this and more i went for the a monster PSU the Coolermaster V1000



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