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Project: ATCS 840


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Might just be me, but I kind of liked the two-tone look of the case with that grey primer and the black panels. Maybe add more black but otherwise...that's what i liked :P

Actually I liked that to!!

I also like the black and the dark blue from Maxession.

So many different opinions...I don't think we are really helping him :?

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Thanks as always for the input and colour recommendations 8)

I ended up taking it to the painters this morning and decided on Ardent Red which is a Lotus colour and should look OK with satin black grills and chrome rails...........i hope!

Etch primed, painted, clear coated, oven baked and machine polished so should have the same finish as a car would with any luck :)

I'll find out in a couple of days if i made the right choice and thanks again :(


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Well that was an experience..............i thought it would just fly together but it turned out like trying to do the Rubik's cube all over again.

Anyway, i made a start and just had to get a few pictures before actually adding the hardware but i got to say, its definitely RED

Here we go to round the week off.............










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