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Project: ATCS 840


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OK, got a bit side tracked with those SSD's and Windows 7 but anyway, picked up the tins from powder coat today (Note: powder coat is only to flatten surfaces and will be painted and clear coated once the vents are finished)

I've still not decided on the final colour 100% but i've got a pretty good idea.

Anyway, vents are stuck in place and i've started with the filler and sanding but that will be repeated a few times to get it all nice and smooth.

I also got a 6mm thick piece of aluminium milled to replace the top vents and to replicate the front which still needs a little work and mesh fitted behind but more on that later ;)

These are the boring bits so not really a lot to show but things should start to pick up over the next few days......i promise 8)










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I don't think its any secret that the MC-Chipset block from Danger Den is going to be a main contender for i7 but rather than going for the Lucite top version, i decided to make my own from 10mm Delrin :)

Used a fret saw to cut the initial shape out and it still needs a bit of minor filing and then a polish on the bench polisher but that's a job for tomorrow.

Decided to re-tap the base to M4 for no other reason than i wanted to use black hex bolts and M4 was all i had.

Anyway, we'll see how it performs once i get the system up and running ;)













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I know a few people seem to be getting a bit confused with regard to vents and side panels with me already having the panels powder coated and the vents being white.

Just to clear that up - i found a while ago that powder coat gives a great base for paint and gets rid of all the brushed anodised finish so that's why its been powder coated already.

The vents need to be secured in place and smoothed in with car filler (bondo) but will eventually be painted all the same colour.

Anyway, vents in place and started filling and sanding which usually consists of 3 or 4 goes to get it looking completely smooth but decided to lay a coat of primer on after the first go with filler just to show how far i'm off but it is easier to see the direction of the vent now its all one colour.....even though its just in primer.





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Anyway, how cool is this???

I got to give a massive shout out to Willie at HWLabs for making me a one off GTX30 X-Flow Rad for the ATCs mod.

Over the years Willie has become a good friend and work colleague who simply put, just seems to love getting involved with my mods and this time is no exception.

He knows i tend to go for an X-Flow Rad as it makes for much easier hose routing so this time when i asked for something special he came up with the idea of having a total one off GTX which is just amazing of him to construct it for me.

As you can tell, i'm pretty happy.....and rightly so in my book as there is not many manufacturers that will go to this extent so hats off to you Wille 8)





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Started to do a bit of work on the new top grill.

Started with a 6mm sheet of aluminium and the plan is to replicate the front piece which was always going to be interesting as the original front is extruded alu and i had to copy it with a sander!!!

I did try with my little mouse sander but i'd have been lucky to make CeBIT next year at that rate so went and hired a heavy duty sander.

Well that made short work of it but it was a work of art to get the chamfer perfect all the way down the length and not sure if it was pure luck or skill but got there in the end then finished it off with fine grit and my little mouse sander.

I've also had the same cut (only smaller) in the front section which will both have mesh added later.

I'll get the last couple of bits to powder coat tomorrow and all in all i seem to be getting there and i should have it off for paint at the back end of the week......touch wood.









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My apologies for this going on for so long but unfortunately its at that boring stage of just getting it all primed and wet sanded ready for paint.

I had hoped to get it down there today but a few of the bits were late getting to powder which had a knock on effect but it should all be ready to go early next week.

The top vent has turned out pretty nice though again its waiting for primer and i'm also making some shiny highlight rails for it.

On a positive note though, Zotac have me some real nice cards coming but won't be here till mid February so gave me a 9800GTX to get the system up and running with for the time being which was nice of them and my friends at Intel have got involved but more on that later.

Anyway a few pictures of it in primer......well most of it.....





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