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Project: ATCS 840


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While out at CeBIT, promotion is the name of the game and literally everything has a logo so i always do my best to promote sponsors while trying not to turn the case into a walking bill board but try to keep things in perspective with the case's overall appearance, as done right it not only promotes the sponsors and gives them a return on their investment but also raises my own awareness which i don't consider a bad thing.

Anyway, i hand cut a Zotac logo out of 3mm aluminium and polished it along with an Intel logo which matches the one on the Skulltrail Cosmos S and looks nice mounted on the gloss black bezels while still in keeping with the over red / black / chrome thing..............and before anyone askes, the "O" in Zotac will be painted orange before it leaves :)

I've also re-routed the hose slightly to make it look more pleasing on the eye and put new hose and liquid in the Skulltrail and will update photo's ASAP but for the time being here's a couple from today but both cases are just about good to go so a little pressure is off i must admit and i might get a good night sleep at long last.

Me and Tom have a busy busy 10 days ahead from Thursday what with driving the cases over etc and being out at CeBIT for the week then bringing them back but i'll do my best in keeping a picture log of the whole event from my laptop.





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The Background

Anyone that has followed the prod logs on various forums of both Tom (frozensnail) and myself may know that we were commissioned by Coolermaster (Hall 24 – Booth E39) to mod their new flagship chassis to further enhance their booth presence at CeBIT which proved to be a massive crowd favourite last year with the Cosmos so this year it’s the turn of the new ATCs 840

Basically we are left to our own devices to do as we please with the mods so this year Tom went for a gloss black and chrome, triple loop creation running Carbon CPU block which is a world first as far as we are aware and I went for bright red, black and chrome with my now seemingly characteristic side vents.

We do get access to early prototype chassis but it still doesn’t give us a whole lot of time to get these things complete and as usual it was a race to get finished with many delays and set backs along the way but we always seem to manage one way or the other.

I also have a previous Cosmos S Skulltrail system going out to CeBIT which will be on show on the Zotac booth (Hall 20 - Booth D12) so had to make sure that one was also up to scratch with a complete hose and liquid change along with a good old spit n’ polish.

6.30am Thursday 26 February

The journey begins, well for the cases anyway and as there isn’t a courier in the land I would trust these cases with, it comes down to me and Tom to make sure they arrive at CeBIT in one piece.

Thursday, I do the 540mile round trip to Toms leaving my cases with him and come Friday, Tom does leg two of the journey getting all three cases over to Coolermaster NL just mind as he slept in again and missed the ferry but I guess and returning home on Saturday for a quick wash and brush up ready for me to pick him up early Sunday morning so you could say its been quite a few days for the pair of us…….and that’s before we really start our main road trip.






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This year Coolermaster decided to run a closed booth with access by appointment only which seemed really strange as our mods were only being seen by press and appointment visitors but who are me and Tom to argue!!!

Anyway, on day 2 they decided to put both our mods on display out front which instantly changed things and we now have visitors queuing up at the front of Coolermaster from opening time to closing time like last year which really does make all the hard work that Tom and me put in all worth while.

Oh yeah, and Tom managed to get his small 4" TFT working so he's been walking round with a big grin ever sinse as for some reason the drivers had got messed up and it wasn't working for the first few days but all seems to be fine now with drivers installed so good result at last.

I hadn't really realized how lucky i was to have the two Zotac GTX295's as they were causing quite a bit of interest with all the press etc but as there are literally only three in Europe it all kinda figures now as the only other one is on display on the Zotac stand along with my Skulltrail Cosmos S so no wonder we were being chased all around CeBIT.

Zotac didn't even have time to get them professionally photo'd so the ended up using one of my pictures for the promotion pictures.

Thursday night was Zotac booth party night so after dinking their stand dry hit the centre of town which ended up at the famous Irish Bar and was well after 4pm before we got our heads down so neither of us were in the best frame of mind but the Enquirer came knocking wanting to do video interviews so i opted out and pushed Tom in at the deep end to do both his and mine while i sniggered in the background nursing my bad head so there should be something on there once they get it all uploaded.

More pictures for now.......












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