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PROJECT NQPN1 (09 Mod Contest Entry)


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Greetings people

I'm petoscal from Mexico and I want to participate in the contest with this mod (my guess is that the category it's unique since it's not a COOLERMASTER case :oops: ) that I've been working for like two months, I'm just a noob in the mod world and I'm just practice my skills since this is my second mod I want to compete because I always said "If you play with the best at least you're going to become good" :lol: .

So i'm planning to use like 4 fans of CM and the Hyper 212 CPU cooler and maybe some cables (I'll post the photo when the parts arrive) I have a video in youtube with the first part of the mod, nothing too fancy just some cuts in the case, but this is what I've done so far.

this is the basic concept, but I'm going to change a few things for the contest


the cuts to the windows



and the top panel




not too much indeed but I hope it will be finish on time


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Thanks PaPang

It's good to be here

I just bought some parts form Coolermaster for my mnod, still waiting for de cpu cooler and more fans


Also I want to put the power button and the activity Led and power LED, on top of the case, so this is my first attempt but still need to improve (and a LOT :lol: )



not much of an update but I want to show that I'm not leaving my mod

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Bill Owen, scoot over a bit, you have a Mexican counterpart now! :wave:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *sigh* If only... :?

Well If I want to be like Bill I have to work very hard and enhance my skills like... A lot!! :lol:

Anyway, I've been working in my skills with the bondo, and it's not that easy, but for the front I want to looks with a curve and the only thing that came to my mind was to use a piece of rope that I have


Hot glued


and layers and layers of bondo



Also I had to change the design and the exhaust tubes are going to be just in one side I used an old PVC pipe and cut it for this



and that's if for now I'm going to post more maybe next week (I hope)

Well, any comments will be welcome, thanks for watching

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Quick thinking on using the rope to help on the form. You are going to be the Bondo Master after this mod, for sure! Are you still going to use the Mazda badge? We've got to pick up the pace, time is creeping up on us pretty fast. Looking good but you are like me, as you advance, your design keeps evolving. Will be good to see what we end up with, heh-heh.

Cheers & godspeed on the project

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Come on mate, we have to finish even if it is for the pride of Mexico! Less than a month to finish and then to the competition! It is going to be tough, be I didn't expect less from a global contest. We just have to chalk this up to experience, and go to the next one better prepared and with improved mods. If we don't make a good show, we will not get any sponsorships for sure. And post more and more frequently so more people can see your mod.

So ratones verdes no more! ¡Si se puede, Si se puede!


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