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PROJECT NQPN1 (09 Mod Contest Entry)


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Thank you Sir Nicky_82Uk, I'm glad tha you like it. about the picture I've never been on Bangkok, but it looks nice.

Any way for the front pannel i had to sand, and put more bondo, but it finally came along, so from this


with more sanding and more bondo to this


and with primer


I was about to paint it when realized that I mist the OU covers!, and since I'm goin to paint them so as the DVD cover as well.


sand it





and painted



I hope you like it, next step, more paint but for now I have to go because the rain is comming!!




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this is a picture of a few military choppers that passed by near my home because of the military parade for the celebration of the independence day in sep 16


as you can see the day was clear (at least in the morning) and gave a chance to made a few things for my mod, not that I need good weather for sleeve a PSU but still the paint job was good.


this is how it looks the optical drive


the PSU sleeved, it's a generic PSU since is my first attempt of sleeve also i made a "Y" cable for the 3 pin fan




and thanks to the weather I can finish the inside of the case and assembly again, I wanted to assembly the case and the give another coats of paint, but the wife said that it looks nice the accents of the solver rivets againts the black and that i sholud leave it like that and use that kind of accents, like use a chrome fan grill for the black back fan, so, what do you think?



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Are we going to make it now with the extension? I say we give it all we have and make a good show by atleast finishing. Thanks goodness for the weather let up, I know of all the flooding nearby and damage to hundreds if not thousands of homes. Good amount of advancement inspite of having to move!

Good work on the sleeving, makes any mod look polished. Anything on lighting?

Keep us posted and best of fortune on the rest of the project.

Cheers and Saludos

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