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PROJECT NQPN1 (09 Mod Contest Entry)


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That rope routine, wah - i learn again... thanks bro!

But no, not yet, I will not thank you anew if you quit...

I myself consider this as my first on any modding event (never locally, this one my first and international?!)

it was PaPang key that made me walk and work like a robot, that was really good for me and never thought of that!!!

now, even it is hard to consider i could finish my project, I will be sharing my own tricks and tips on my worklog.

the rope thing was a trick!!!

This is I consider a very friendly competition. nothing compares. come on petoscal, lets walk the road!!!

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Thanks guys for your support, I'm not quitting and I know that I'm going to finish my mod, just been through some problems, (i'm moving out to my in-laws) and maybe i'm not going to finish as good as I want to, but then again, this is my second mod, I barely had beginning this mod and papang convinced me from entering the contest just to show that in Mexico are modders too, in many levels! there is the pros like PaPang and the newbies like... me :lol:

I'm starting to paint the case but with a few rookies mistakes, so I'm going to post only the final paint job (even if is not the best)

Cheers! :cheers:

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Hey Petoscal, update here bro! I know we were caught up with time, definitely not the time spans we are used to at home. I will be closing with a few less things that I would have liked to do but such are these contest--they have a closing date! We will have to conform ourselves with what our peers see as good or bad on our projects but we have to finish to get to that stage. Finish we must in the best shape we can manage.

However, you can't deny it was a good and positive experience. Friendly "competitors"(so many masters!), an easy going staff, a noble/graceful and tolerant Admin. (yAu) and I am learning a bunch of great techniques to use later myself! It is good to know that true modding is alive and kicking in other parts of the world. We will have a lot to talk about back home on our forum for a long time!

As my team mate, please cheer up and show the rest the best of you! Have fun, like me, it really pushes me on!

Cheers and Saludos Mate!

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:cry: because you're not responding...

anyway, just keep in touch...

for me, the CM forum will be part of my daily habit! Autoloading!

i'll be dropping lots of trick from time to time...

Sorry for the lack of posts :( this is my first contest and my second mod, so I'm a little intimidate for be here with the great minds of the mod from all over, and the only things that can say to all the mods is WOW!

but I think you've heard that a lot, and I don´t know what else can I say.

Just a bit of an update, the days has been cloudy, and the nights... well, raining, so I don't have too much time to paint, but I managed to advance a little



so the painting job goes like this:

primed all the pieces,



and as usual, when you primed you can see all the mistakes that you made with the bondo


so I tried to fix them


some of them where unsuccesfull but i painted all the other parts

first the inside of the tubes


then all cover and painted the outside


the stripes and flames


then, with some painters tape for mark the flames and with a knife cut the design




the picture above shows that the flames in the scoop will be red, but thats not true so after corrected that , start the red cover paint, I like how it looks the painters tape that I almost not sure to remove it!




Well that's all for now, I promise to return soon and post more often


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Hey, hey, glad to see you alive and kickin'! BTW, Petoscal is in Mexico City and I in Cancun, a good 25 hour drive or 2 hours by plane. No, we do not see each other very often you might suppose, heheh.

Ahh, great, photos of Mexico City on a "clear" day (I lived there for 9 years--smog galore!) Sometimes smog is thick enough to cut with a butter knife (it is in a valley, no winds to carry all that stuff out), but nonetheless, a worthy and great place to visit! So much to see!

About taking tape off, I had to experiment (don't do it often, use tape for paint limiting) with different time periods. For me, with my temperature and humidity is approx. 30 min. after applying the last hand, when it is almost dry to the touch. I get a pretty clean line with no paint chips getting ripped off. If there was older paint underneath, I let it dry completely before taping over it (or use my oven overnight).

Let's hope that it is not a big mess.

Also using bondo on the surface, it is really hard to get a smooth enough surface to paint with gloss paints. Everything shows thru with gloss unless you are real patient and are willing to repair till you are satisfied it is smooth enough.

Kudos on the flames!


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Indeed so much to see here in Mexico City. I love live here.

Well I'm not afraid because I'm just learning! and I don't have anything to lose, everything is an experience for what to do and what no to do.

( My father used to say: "Many things were made by idiots that didn't know it could not be done lol :lol: , I don't know where he got that.) so after a day of curing the paint i removed the tape and this is the outcome





on the other hand the front pannel is not ready to paint, I painted a silver stripe but it does not look good because there were gaps for the bondo, so I tough to use more bondo and more sanding but whe I tried to put the bondo on the paint the bondo didn't stick to the pannel but the paint and start to peel off! and smell like fresh paint, now i have to sand all over and use more "plaster" for the gaps, just like you said Papang everything shows thru, but I want to make it better if not completly smooth :?



Well maybe tomorrow will be ready for the primer.


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Like I say, "no guts, no glory" and yes, if one doesn't try something new out, one really would be an idiot, like your Dad says!

Well, one way to hide those little defects from taking off masking tape when you separate colors, is to use pin-stripping over the seam. Sometimes it looks very good and picks up the general painting scheme. I'll be using some on some unsightly seams I have on my acrylic, good for that too.

Agree, the face plate needs reworking...patience now, you've got to do your best here!

Happy modding and keep up the good work, compañero (mate- Aussie/Brit style, not the other ).


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