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Project: FiFO - 2009 Mod Contest Entry


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Here you see my final plan; hinges on top, and two hydraulic actuators that move the panels like a expensive car-door.


Right close-up with the Volkswagen actuator.


Left close-up.


Another view.


Front view


Right front view.


Left front view.


Another right view.


This is the final status of the mod.


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All I can say is BRAVO! Hydraulics, cooling tunnels, unusual paint and unusual "scoops" done old-school and on a modest budget in one big taco. A shining example for modders and especially noobs from all around the world.

It is finished, is it or am I jumping the gun?

Cheers and Saludos

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looks nice man something different you dont see everyday ..

That was the look I was aiming for. IMO there are too much "generic" mods out there in cyberspace, from the 18 mods I made so far only a few are still recognisable as a computer case :D:cheers:

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Considering my 40 days journey to the unknown (because I don't know what's ahead!!!), you've have been one of the inspiring person I've met here at the modding contest. You are a friend to me Bro - so in the future anytime, anywhere I can't forget a name like yours!!! We'll be keeping in touch right!!! We have more contest ahead at least we've tried and tasted it!

More Power Best friend of the modding world!

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Thank YOU very much, I have seen what you have to work with and it reminds us all that real creativity does not come from fancy and expensive equipment and sponsors, but from the MIND. You, my friend, have such a mind. You are an inspiration to us all, I just wish more people would be like you. An old Dutch saying goes: " Je krijgt wat je verdient ". Lituraly, you get what you deserve. And you my friend, you will get what you deserve, I am sure of it.

Teman selamanya !


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