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[CiP] Charge!


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Awesome job Frenkie! brings back some good memories of this game, you need to share your tribute with Valve! :cheers:

Great minds think alike ? LOL. I tried to contact Valve, but I guess there kinda busy.... Still; Valve gives us modders all kinds of great inspirations: Portal 2 is a nice sequel, I would love to build me that giant robot as a casemod :) Thanx Bill, catch you on the flipside ! :alien:

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Excellent work on this Frenkie. You captured the industrial combine stylings perfectly! Nice framework around the monitor too. I didnt have time to do my TRON monitor before the deadline, so kudos to you for getting it all done! Really puts the finishing touch on an awesome themed mod. :D

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Oh my/Dios mio, what happened? I was (and several others) expecting one of the 3 prizes/places for this grand project. This project had:

1) Size and complexity.

2) Meticulous detail and construction.

3) Innovative cooling and use of hardware.

4) A top notch worklog with clear English, important for this forum (take heed guys who are not native speakers, neither is Frenkie). A lot of cool tricks explained.

5) Savvy use of tools and shunning of third party subs. Excellent craftsmanship.

6) A great theme, carried out throughout, even to the monitor!

7) A NEVER before used item of the game, a charger. Many still relate to HL2 today.

8)Shows problem solving on the run. Aren't we tired of "perfect" logs? They are so unreal and make folks look like they never had a problem putting their mod together--not true! There is a big difference between a great modder and a "perfect" modder. The later is for Aesop's Fables, imo.

9) Great pics and video.

10) From a world-wide recognized modder (unfair to mention but it is a fact)

11) One of the greatest modding colleagues to have and has the sense of humor to stand guys like Sunny and me, hehe, and even throws the joke back! A great person in other words.

12) Is not a Nike model like Paul Tan, but a normal guy like most of us (kidding!). Good looks should have no bearing on judging mods (kidding again).

13) Charge has nothing to do with previous mods done by him. All are different.

14) Was finished on time 100%,it shows.

15) Within all the contest time constraints.

16) A made for the CM Mod Comp. 2011 original product, using CM products. What else could be asked?

Did I miss something? Not complaining, just scratching my head in wonderment (do that a lot).

Does anyone know why point 8 shows a smiley?

Cheers and Saludos

P.D. The ONLY thing I could point out is that Frenkie is getting a little "cussy" with age.

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Hehe Mike, youre a true forum animal, you know. And you have way too much time :) You should use some of that spare time to bring out another mind-boggling mod. I love the way you tred paths no one dares to tred. Impossible to make? Not for Papang! Square beige boxes ? no no my friends. Not in this -old farts- catagory ! hahaha

one more thing Mike: what the :) is "cuzzy"?

Again, congratulations to all winners, I expect nothing less then to see all winners next year with another eye-popping mod ! ( ok, so i have made three by then, but hey... :D )


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"Cussy" my Dear Frenkie (this is going to be good) is that you cuss out a lot of modders who are not up to your high standards. Cuss=vloeken, does it make sense? In other words "you pull their ears" for not being good modders as you see they should. I am a little like you but only when they mod for contests and DO NOT do their best work or to their best abilities.

Being around you is making me like you hehe. I hope some of the modding sense rubs off on me. :D

Cheers and Saludos Amigo

P.D. You will do 3 mods IF you have work, remember the last time? I hope you work until you are a ripe old man so you can mod, hehe!

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Ah I see now what you mean. Yes, I can be cussy. Like Bill Owen said:"I hate Beige", I have another slogan:"I also hate square" So, if you really want to piss me off, present a square beige box and say you modded it. hahahahahaha! I have steady work now for a year allready, so maybe thats is also the reason wht Charge wasnt so elaborate as I wanted to. I have plans for three new mods in my head and started working on all three for research. Havent decided yet which I should do first. So many mod-ideas, so little time..... :)


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