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Well Argos, you have astounded me! You have gone and bought a CM case for the occasion! Congrats for entering and hope you have time to do your usually outstanding work. I will be looking forward to seeing your project unfold and wish you the best of luck as always.

Cheers and Saludos

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I remove the front plastic and then cut it.




I paste the parts.


the place where it will be.


I remove all inside.


adding new parts to the front.



took off the metal front of case.


is all for now, slowly will take shape.

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Up to now I will be just watching and cheering, you know because of my visit. If by any chance, I will try to redo one of my mods from last year for the occasion. but I am really surprised to see how many more have registered to compete! Some have done very exquisite work with their materials and as I say, have a factory finish which means a lot of quality craftsmanship. A lot are good enough for B-T, so heads up and let your imagination fly!

Now this IS competition at its best!

Cheers and Saludos

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