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00 InfiniTiS 00 - 2011 CM Case Mod Competition Entry


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I would like to thank Barry Lanier, owner of Trinity Tek Inc. His expertise is greatly appreciated.

This project bennifitted substancially from his advise and guidance.


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The name "InfiniTiS". I asked my wife Sally to help me choose a project name.

She immedialy spit out the word "infinty" she said thats how long it will take

me to finish it. Shes probably right, theres allways some kind of upgrade wanted.

The "TiS" ending to the word was added in honor of our gaming squad,

"The Immortal Soldiers"= ^TiS^ made up of finest people found anywhere

established in 1998.


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Ohhh, a great mod done with the flair of "old school". Nothing like it, sorry kids. What I don't get is the pics in the log that are the typical 800 X 600 resolution used in most forums, but I have to scroll them. I shouldn't have to do anything but see, and if I wanted more detail maybe click to enlarge to HD (not often). Specially the final pics.

You log is chock full of very home-doable mini mods which are almost tutorials and much appreciated by me. A sign of a real "Maestro" which in Mexico and L.America also means "teacher". If you are called "Maestro d0g" by someone it could either mean Master (or craftfull artisan, like a pro) or teacher depending on the context used. Often times it means both.

Enough with the Spanish classes, the most interesting to me was the Sputnik Mod because I have been throwing out my mini-fans when the motors fail including the grills cuz I had no idea where to use the lefovers--now I know better, kudos for that. Plastic r/c spinners are unobtanium here in this resort area but a carpenter who has a hand made wood lathe can cut me bunch out of scrap wood for a couple of bucks. So we are good to go!

The hard drive cooling is so overlooked, specially for us who want to store terabytes of info and it be there for years (decades now?) ready for our use. What is unusual is the positioning and thus the cooling solution.

Wot! Common PVC connectors as ducts? Why not if done kewl, hehe! This gave me ideas too.

Heavy aluminum and abundant use of allen head crews are in my book, BUT I would have spot welded the hinges with a TIIG so as to not break up the "clean look" outside, just a matter of preferences cuz yours looks fine.

Playing games since 1998 (not 2008) means you are pretty up there. Don't fret, I am a lousy gamer so I have been modding since that time albeit on a very amateurish level. I could consider that I kicked up my level several notches only a couple of years (involuntary retirement). As mentioned elsewhere, as far as I know I am the oldest modder in this forum which why the CM forum (and my home forum) is my favorite.

Cheers and Saludos

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Just had to lay the last one on ya'. Yes, older modders still kick butt! So take that laser and cnc cutting/assembling whippersnappers! Old school is alive and kicking and appreciated here.

Cheers and Saludos

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