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Here we are again, final photos of the project, it was a great journey until now that i am making this post, lots of trouble encountered but the real strength is overcoming no matter what those troubles and winning every day you put effort in every aspect that you are into!! My motto from now on would be "Perfecting the imperfection is a real gift"!!

So here i present you, Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman edition final photos!! (Dr. Freeman would be very happy!!!! :D:D ) (Cable management is not perfect as i lacked of space!!)



Here now i would like to thank my good friend Nikitas for giving me ideas, my also good friend and partner Nikitas for making me the beautiful logos and also giving me some ideas, my good friend Adam with who i have played countless hours of Half Life 2 online gaming and most of all my beautiful wife for no matter what we went through she always gave me some good words and words for not giving up!! Thank you guys, you are perfect!!


Created by a demon, finalized by an angel!! SotosLg for 2017!!
Thank you Cooler Master!!

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3 hours ago, Rakazone21 said:

Hello Sotoslg,, is a good company! nice work and nice casing theme.. I hope we will succeed in fulfilling the projects on time :)

Hello Rakazone21!! Thank you man and remember, everything will go fine!!

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Just some info, the lcd screen that i mounted on the front face panel is also touch screen but that particular moment i've not connected the touch because it's messing with other windows!! In addition, the lcd screen can be used in many ways, as a duplicate screen (where everything i see in the main screen i see there but it has to be in the same resolution with the lcd!!) and as an extended screen (where you can put anything you want from stats, video feed, image slideshow, generally as a normal 2nd screen!!)!! Stay safe Brothers!! Good Luck everyone!! Remember this: destination doesn't matter a lot, what matters most is the journey until the destination!! Again, Good Luck everyone!!

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