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The post continues!! Here is the inner side of the rear part of the case ready to be primered and painted!!



Here is painted with the plastic bag effect!!



The i added an extra effect some paint splashes before i apply clear coat!!




I apologize for the poor image quality, there was not adequate lighting!! The post will continue with clear coating the parts!!



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The post continues!! Now it is time to apply clear coat to all of the parts and first in line is the rear part of the case!!





The are the other parts too waiting to be clear coated!!



Next what i did to the rear part was to darken it a bit and add some paint splash too!!



On that part i applied some rust effect few weeks back so next in line are the main case, the motherboard tray and the rear i/o panel!! The post will continue!!

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The post continues!! So next in line to be clear coated is the main case!!



Next in line are the rear i/o panel and the motherboard tray!!



Next and final for today is the upper panel with the logo attached, so the post will continue!!

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The post continues!! Last part for today!! Here i apply clear coat on the upper panel and some extra effect to make it look relevant to the rest of the case!!



Here i applied the plastic bag effect with a slight different way!! The sponge method with the plastic bag!! :D:D



Here now comes the clear coat in some angles!!



Some areas are not quite visible because the paint couldn't reach that part!! I might be adding some paint splash on that part tomorrow where installing the parts will happen!! Untill then Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Last day was day of assembly and installing the watercooling, so the day went like this until 2 a.m. so let's get started!!

Here we have the rear part if the case and the rear i/o merged together with silver rivets!! I might be painting them in the ladt minute but i think not, it will give another feel!!



Here is the whole rear panel attached to the case!!



Here is the upper panel attached to the case!!



Now i attached the motherboard tray to the case!!



Here is a test fit with the front face panel!!



Here now comes the tricky part!! Here i fused the two painting techniques so it won't look so much irrelevant!! I first did the upper panel and then i attached both of the side panels to keep it flowing normally!! Some areas are sprayed and most of it is created using a plastic bag with the sponge method, pinching colour to the area!!




Here is the upper panel with face panel and the color difference so what i did was spray from a distance a little quantity of orange colour to make it look alike!!



Now here is the other side panel with the logos attached using the same method as before!!




The post will continue with more images with the assembly process!!

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The post continues!! Here we have the main sode panel ready to be clear coated because the previous technique i used matt colour!!



Some images more when it was clear coated!!



Along with that i started putting inside the hardware with first in line the motherboard with the cpu block attached!!



Here we have the pump with reservoir and top all together!! The pump is an alphacool (i apologise for not remembering the precise model, i will update as long as i finish posting!!)



Next i did the turbine fan which is a bitfenix spectre with orange led!!



So what i used to glue the cone spinner was two element epoxy and later some super glue because i had an accident!!




Now lets move on to installing the watercooling!! I did it only on cpu because with the gpu block it will get heavier and it weighs as much as this res filled up with the top and the pump!!

Here i used three layers of double sided foamed adhesive tape!!



The post will continue with more watercooling installation!!

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The post continues!! Here we have some fitting with angles on them which are going to be used in the watercooling!! The fittings are EK waterblocks from past watercooling build i did!!



Some few meters of flex tubing remained from past build for just in case!! :D:D



The process went well and i had a leakage which i solved quickly!! Here we have some orange additive which comes from EK waterblocks too!! For main fluid i am using deionized water!!



The process was the same until 1.30am, filling and let the foam sit for a while until clear colored water was visible!!

Here are some night shots with the front turbine fan installed and on!!



I will post more images of the process maybe tonight!! Until then the building will continue with having the figure of the Freeman sit inside the 5,25" bay!! Until next update, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Last night's work was sticking the Freeman and the headcrab side by side letting people know that he is in defence while trying to give a pheropod!! Along with that i hade the front face panel covered with clear coat and glued the lcd screen on the door panel so lets get started!!



At first i had to superglue the pheropod on his left hand and the crowbar on his right hand!!



Next was the alignment of the Freeman inside the 5.25" bay with the headcrab, let's call him Lamarr!!



Next i took some two element epoxy glue and glued the Freeman and Lamarr inside!!




Then i took carefully the front face panel off and sprayed a layer of clear coat!!





The post will continue with more images and assembly!!

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The post continues!! Here we have the face panel door ready to be clear coated!!



Here is the face panel door attached to the case!!20170429_234928.thumb.jpg.dec3e0b5df0321a4d99b6c575c5b8c90.jpg


And the Freeman inside!! 



So now it is time to glue the lcd screen!!



Lets grab some transparent silicon!!20170430_000522.thumb.jpg.44140b16548ab3c9839b048f8ad0ebfc.jpg



Lcd screen is glued and running!!



Here is the face panel door attached to the main case having the msi afterburner showing!!



That was the last night work!! The case mod is nearly its completion so minor things are coming and final photos will be posted, until then Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Last day of the whole process and not much done today!! Last parts was glueing the acrylic on the side panel, glueing the logos on the acrylic, painting the logos accordingly, making some cable management and having the second side panel sprayed with some clear coat!! For the last part i couldn't managed to get pictures so i apologize!!

Here i cutted the acrylic where i wanted it to be so then i added some layers of double sided foamed adhesive tape!!



Next i glued the logos with two element epoxy glue!!



I apologize at this level for not taking the adequate ammount of images!!

Now i decided to take a paintbrush and do the outline of the logos with some orange colour and then with some black until i do the plastic bag effect on them!!



I dont mind the perfect detailing here as i need it to be as much as un-detailed and not smooth enough, that was my itention since the beggining!! (the perfect imperfections!!)

Final night images are coming to the next post!!

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