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Hello again!! We are counting the days until this beautiful event comes to an end, i am counting the days until i finish!! So lets get down to the last week and start it with finalizing the acrylic logos!! What was done is unstick the pieces clean them and stick them back together using some liquid fiberglass!!

Here is the process!!



Here are the pieces glued together with the fiberglass!!



The re allign was tricky enough as i had to be cautious and watch the outline of the logos!! More to come this week!! Until next update, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today was the day i did the case and painted the rear i/o panel and the motherboard tray!!

So lets begin with the motherboard tray!!



Now with primer and ready to be painted orange the base colour!!



Next it is painted orange and ready for black colour!!



Here is painted black with the plastic bag effect!!



The mistake i made was that i used matt colour instead of gloss, so here i begin!!



Now let's paint orange and prep the tray for black colour and the plastic bag effect!!



Here are the tools!!



After few paints and minor adjustments here is the rear side of the motherboard tray finished!!



The project continues with the rear i/o!!

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So here i continue with the rear i/o!!

First two images are the inner side primered and painted orange!!



Next it was time to paint it black and apply the plastic bag effect!!



Same procedure applied in the outter side with a little extra!! Some paint splashes using orange colour!!



The post will continue with the chassis amplification!!

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So now i proceed with the case amplification!! What is this all about is putting two metal angles on the bottome of the case to prevent it from bending and make it more stable!!

Here is a preliminary test of where the angles will be placed!!



The left one had to be adjusted in order to properly take its place under the case hole!! So what i did was basically cut off the upper hole and leaving it with three hole to be bolted on the case!!



Here are the measurements taken!!



After that i did a preliminary test with the face panel attached and how the case will act!! I must say the durability now is more than enough!!



Here is the case from the inner side!!



And a closer one!!



Of course before i attach the front face panel i cutted the excess parts of the screws!!



The Freeman requires on his computer....wheels!!



Today was a complete day so next what will be done is to attach the wheels, until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today was a big day as i did made the holes for the wheels, painted the case and glued the first two pieces of the logo to one side panel!!

So, first things first, the day doesn't begin without a cup of coffee so lets proceed!!

Here i took the already existing holes and widen them for the rivets to fit properly!!



Same thing happened to the rest of the feet!!



So, next i took the side panel i had it cure over night from fiberglass repair and did a slight repair also today!!

Furthermore, i glued the first two pieces of the game's logo where they should be placed on the side panel!!

So, i took the pieces and sanded them down a bit to roughen its surface for the fiberglass to stick better!!



Next i marked the area so i could sand it a bit to stick better!!



Then i made some fiberglass mixture with some silicon and thinned it with aceton so i can process it longer!!

Using that stick i spreaded the fiberglass where it should be placed and sticked the logos!!



It doesn't matter if the liquid exceeds the drawing as it will be painted so it will match the front panel and the inside!! The crackle effect will remain in some areas to show that both painting techniques are used!! The post will continue next!!

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The post continues!!

So, here now lets paint it black!! Here is the cause for that effect!! I apologize for the poor quality photo, i couldn't have that time very adequate lighting!!



Here is the inner bottom side painted with the plastic bag effect!!



Then, the rest of the case!!



I thought then to add some extra effect on it and i decided to add some paint splashes!!



And bottom side!!



Final picture for today!! I must say i am quite ecstatic with the result, i wouldn't expect to get that beautiful!! :D:D



So, that is all for today, more will come tomorrow with the hardware installation and see if everything goes as they should be working!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today was the day i installed the parts and did a fresh windows installation!!

The components so far are:

PSU: CoolerMaster G750M

RAM: Gskill Ares orange colour

CPU: Amd Phenom 2 x6 1100t (stock clocks)

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair IV formula

SSD: Corsair force LS 120gb

GPU: Nvidia (XFX) 8800gt (temporary)


The Freeman desperately awaits so lets begin!!




Post at last!!



Along with installing Windows, i installed also the wheels on the case using rivets and screws!!



The detail here is that the front wheels have brakes on them for just in case!!




Next thing to do is install the motherboard tray, the back part of the case and the rear i/o panel!! In the next update i will be posting some cpu-z images or using everest, until then Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! This will be a long update with lots of photos so bare with me!! So, let's begin!!

Here we have the 5.25" where the Freeman will stay!! After some trimming and hair cutting we have this result and ready for the first coat of primer!!



Here is the bay after one or two thick layers of primer!!



The detail here is to make it look rough or unprocessed!! The post will continue with painting the 5.25" bay!!

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The post continues!! Here i decided to paint the sides and the inner side orange!! On the two sides i wanted to add a sticker with the logo and paint it and it did went well so i removed it and paint it normally!!

Here is the bay ready to be painted orange!!



Here is painted orange and ready to add the plastic bag effect!!



After few tries, here is finalized with some extra paint splashes!!



The post will continue with painting the rear part of the case!!

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