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Hello again!! Last night i decided to work a bit on the other side panel and this is with a second pass!!




And after the second pass!!



Now, what i'm planning to do is play with that effect using some fiberglass paste to see that glassy effect thanks to Alexis Ftoulis!!

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Lets add some fiberglass paste!!



Here is some images with fiberglass applied!! I think i'm starting to like this material!! It looks great!!



When it dries, i think i'll try to paint it a bit to see how it will look painted and maybe i'll be applying one or two layers of fiberglass!!

More pictures soon!!

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After it dried, i decided to paint it to see how it's going to look like and played with the colors!!

Here is the panel with one thick layer of primer.



As i left it dry, i went to the store nearby to buy and orange spray can but no luck. So i bought a brown one. At first wanted to play with the crackle effect that's why i wanted the orange but in the end, i changed my mind to the rust/decayed effect and i bought the brown.


Here is a picture with multiple passes of distance spraying to create that kind of effect. (20cm at least, the closest is the spray's head to the surface, the thicker the paint would be)



Later on, i wanted to add something more, so i made a quick search to my spray cans and stuck to the blue metallic one.

What i did, was the same pattern as i did with the brown but in more targeted areas of the panel. I didn't managed to get pictures only with those two, but i added something more above this pattern. Ruby red "blood" splatter!! The result is more than satisfying!! :D




Of course i couldn't forget the "suspects" for this result!! :D




More pictures soon!!






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Here i am again!! Now i decided to remove the front face and so i did! Along with the bays i had to remove the top panel also!



Ow, snap, here is an 80mm fan, what can we do with it? (dirty but it can be cleaned and look like new!)



As i was looking for drill-bits, i found a bag with some spray cans and i found what i was looking for these days! A couple of orange spray cans! One is unopened and brand new (who knows since when i have then stored!! :D )

Now i will try the crackling effect according to the game's theme color!! :D



Now lets remove some rivets! Here comes the drill! :D



Few rivets removed and here is the drill-bit!



Here the drill-bit is with almost all rivets removed! (Coffee is a must have during the process!! :D )



Now here is the case with the bays and the upper panel removed.



Removing rivets can create big mess at where you work, but i don't think that this should stall us right??



Hard drives won't be needed as i imagined, only the 5.25" bays as there will be placed the Freeman figure. If this doesn't fit, i might be making a place for the figure to sit out of acrylic. What i'm planning with the front face is to create a hole for 120mm fan and i will be using my faithful Dremel for the job!

For now, lets add some more effect to the panels and see then how they will look using the crackle effect until the rusting kit arrives!

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Hello again!! At first, i wanted to sand down the previous layer of primer in order for the fiberglass to stick better!!



So, now, lets prepare ourselves for one pass of fiberglass along the outline!!



That would be sufficient and then i let it dry for a couple of minutes until i apply one thick layer of primer.





Now that the primer dried, it is time to paint a thick layer of Orange color for the crackle effect to be achieved.

Don't worry about the wall, it is just....side-effects!! :D




Immediately after i applied a layer of....black at random spray pattern. The thicker the paint is, the bigger the crack would be!




You have to wait until the cracks show up. I did, and here's the result!! More than satisfying!!



I think i like it this way!! :D


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As i was taking a long break, i thought i should play with the other fan grill and apply the same paint pattern on it.

Same process were followed with the previous one



Some sanding with 180 gritt paper.



Now is the time for some primer.



After i primed it, i painted it with orange and i instantly painted it with the new brand spray can black i got but no crackles happened!! :(

So i removed the color with a towel using the sponge method.



So then i primered it again and re-applied all the colors again!! The pattern was faulty and full of dust and i had to remove it again.




After i removed the whole paint properly, i did the whole process again but changing the black one to the one i am always using to create that effect.

The result is this!! Quite satisfying!!



Some closer ones!!



All the pattern will be more shinny if it will applied some clear coat afterwards!!

Later on i might be enhancing and lifting a bit the effect around the logo on the top panel!!

Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Last update for tonight!! Here are some pictures of the logo and the enhancement i did to the effect using some fiberglass paste!!

Here is before the first big pass,



Here are some pictures with the effect quite extended!! Some more effect will be applied tomorrow in the morning!!



As for now, i pause my work and continue tomorrow!! Some "Lamda studying" will be sufficient for tonight!!

Until tomorrow, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! This will be a long post because i done few things!! I made videos also of the process and i'll to post them on YouTube first!!

At first, i took the other side panel and applied some fiberglass. The sad part was that i added more hardener than i should and i couldn't add effect on the panel

because the material started to get harder and harder and it was quite difficult for me to process it and i made only a corner with what i had!!




Here is when it started getting harder and how much i did!! :(




After a few hours, i decided to apply some more but this time doing it carefully and the result is this.



After that, as i waited for it to dry, i decided to remove the covers from the front face panel and the usbs.



What i am thinking of making, is putting a fan on the outer side of the case and create a tunnel, not a turbine, after i cut the case from 80mm fan to 120mm fan

and of course the face panel will be cutted accordingly so around the cut the same scorched effect will be applied.



So, lets proceed with the whole process and start paint the side panel!!

First thing is primer.



Now ready to be painted orange.



The video of while i am painting it orange and black (to create the crackle effect) is being uploaded as we speak right now and will be added as soon as it is uploaded!!


Here is the panel with the crackle effect but with not quite big cracks!! More will uploaded along with the video!!



I only have to wait until the video is uploaded and along with that, take some more pictures of the panel finalized!!


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Here i am as i promised!! The video is uploaded and ready to be posted!! Along with it, i'm going to show you the final images of the panel and the cracks now are better shaped!!




Now, i'm going to add some more effect to the top panel!!

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