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The side panel doesn't have so much work to be done until the rusting kit arrives, so i took the logo which is going to be placed on-top of the case.

As you can see, the logo has some rough edges so i tried to sand them down a bit.



Next i decided to paint it to see how it's going to look with crackle paint. Primer first!S3840009.thumb.JPG.4a6e1a73287f30a2882db5e6dc755cd8.JPG


So, next i applied my technique two colors instantly, and the result is this!

No crackles....I didn't let the primer dry properly! :(

Colors are ruby red and black!




Two and three layers of paint and still no result!! :(

I have pinched it with a towel to make another effect and re primered it to do it properly!

More pictures soon!!

Remember, the paint won't remain like this! I'm just trying to see how it's going to look with crackles!

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Well, i changed the colors and instead of ruby red i applied red (from another brand i'm using the past 5 years) and black and the result is more than satisfying!! The sad part is that i couldn't find any orange spray can in my workplace and i applied my favorite, red!!






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Here we are again!! This time i'm going to prep the upper panel for the logo to sit and do all the work around its base to look like it melted its way out!!

here is the panel slightly sanded!!



And here is the "cause" for the sticky situation!! :D



Here are two pictures before i correct it.



And here are two corrected!!


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At this pass i mixed the advice of my good friend and inspiration Alex Ftoulis, using fome fiberglass paste combined with bondo and getting both of the materials features at once!

The result is visible and the effect is lifted a few centimeters!S3840033.thumb.JPG.71b002ee98b816c02feb45072e10f4a4.JPGS3840032.thumb.JPG.d24ae8f50a2efda74b92b1e0c333e3fe.JPGS3840031.thumb.JPG.5bf539aba243dbca6ac214c50c9b5c0a.JPGS3840030.thumb.JPG.326667222d3a4ec6d9c069e4fbf61972.JPGS3840029.thumb.JPG.df7a21856da33a5b2b540f63a7b00ba8.JPG


Next update will be tomorrow!! Peace brothers!!

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A modder never stops even if the clock shows 4am!! :D

So, i decided to play with the fan grill and painting it.

At first, i sanded it down a bit with 280 gritt sandpaper



Then it's primer time!



First try is to create crackles with the new spray cans that i bought and no result.

Ruby red and black.


To remove it "safely" i used the sponge method so it will be removed and create an effect at the same time!



After numerous efforts and color sprayings using the sponge method, i finally used hammered blue color and on top of that i used a layer of clear coat.

The color got messed up by spotting few holes and instantly used the method i described above and that's the result.



Next i used the paint splatter method to create a "bloody exploded" look/effect and what i got is more than satisfying!!



I think that's all for the little night-job!! :D

Next update in the morning!! Peace!!

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26 minutes ago, xtian1 said:

Now thats commitment and dedication to the cause!

Thanks a lot xtian! It means a lot to me! I'm just trying to work as i used to putting a piece of myself on it to get the result i wanted and always dreamed of!

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