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Here we are again! Today i thought i should paint the effect a bit to see how it would turn out later on after i apply the rusting effect on it.

So, at first, i applied a thick layer of primer. Remember, nothing will remain like this!




After it dried out, i took a paintbrush and sprayed the tip with ruby red and painted the effect. It turned out irrelevant to what i wanted, so next i cleaned the brush with nitro thinner and took an old spray cap and mixed some black matt and that color and it turned out like this!

Next what i did, was take the paintbrush and gently apply it to the effect using the sponge/pinch technique.

What happened next was this, the color appeared better than i thought!




From now on, i thought i try the pinch/sponge technique the panel. Not bad result!




Next i tried the paint splash using....my finger with that ruby red color!



More effect will be applied later on today or maybe tomorrow!

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Quick update!! A few minutes ago, my partner sent me an email with the end product, the game logo finally 3d printed and ready to be sent to me!! I am very happy and satisfied with the result!! I can't wait to take it into my hands!!


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27 minutes ago, Alex Ftoulis said:

Really nice start and good luck with the rest! Instead of applying that much isopon and waste it is better to use some fiberglass paste and only a thin layer ;) just my 2 cents! Good luck buddy do your best


Thank you Alex, it's really important for me that you commented!! Really nice idea, I might add a glassy melted effect!! Peace brother!!

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Hello again!! A few hours ago, i ordered this beauty, the dremel moto saw which i want it to make the 2 and the lamda out of acrylic pieces.81SWSYV0npL._SL1500_.thumb.jpg.2ba11b38b701d2b692ff3a0bce8bcc63.jpg


So, for now, lets focus on the other side panel and make that scorched effect!!


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