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Rhoads PC - Darth Revan

Derek Wilson

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Hello everyone ! I'm excited to jump into battle for this years CMWS20 ! 


My name is Derek Wilson, and I build PC's as Rhoadspc. This will be my very first year entering the Coolermaster Case Mod World Series, and I can't wait to see how it all shakes out 👍.


The style of builds I enjoy most are themed mods, and I'll be doing that again for this competition, hopefully with a theme everyone enjoys! I've chosen a classic - with a twist. The overall theme is of Darth Revan, from Star Wars! Now we all know Star Wars as the epic fantasy movies and games, that we've enjoyed for years, but does everyone know Darth Revan ? His story is quite amazing ! He was an extremely powerful Jedi who fought against the Mandalorians with his own group of rebels, against the will of the Jedi council. He claimed a Mandalorian mask during these wars which you will see in my build. He was later captured and turned to the dark side, becoming a powerful Sith! As the story goes he returned to the light side of the force, but was able to balance on both the dark and the light side of the force, and dueled 2 lightsabers, a purple and a red!! Darth Revans story, and these images will be the theme of my build!


Again, I'm very excited to be here and plan to put my best foot forward into this competition!


My build has been sponsored by Seasonic, and by  ModMyMods! Thank you both so much for you're support!!




Coolermaster SL600M

Asus Formula XI Z390

Intel i9 9900K

Asus RX5700 XT

Seasonic AirTouch 750W

32gb of Thermaltake Platinum Toughram @ 3600

Cables by Gscustomz

Samsung 970 Evo 1TB

Watercooling components by Alphacool




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Being in my first year of modding, I've had to learn a lot, not just painting or skills to mod a computer, but about modding itself as an artform. Its incredible really, how so many of us take different approaches to a computer case, to express ourselves or to hit a theme, or make a certain component fit that the case wasn't designed for. I'm realizing more and more through the worklogs here, how many great artists are involved in PC modding, and I'm hopeful that I can continue to learn and grow from the members of this competition.


The inspiration for this build came to me quite awhile ago when I was watching the newest Star Wars in theaters, I simply thought Kylo Ren's mask was super cool and would be a cool theme for a case mod. From there I kind of dove into Star Wars lore and learned about Darth Revan. I played through Knights of The Old Republic as I learned he was a character featured in that game, I also read the Knights of the Old Republic Novel base on Revan's story towards the end of his adventures. The research was very fun!





From learning about Revan himself, I was confident in my choice for theme, and had a general idea of how to get the theme across in a case mod. I've made a picture here featuring some of the components I chose early on in the process to use for this mod.






At the time of purchase, the i9 9900K was the top dog in CPU power, and paired with the Asus Maximus Formula VI was a sure bet to an awesome build. I'm still confident this PC will have incredible performance once its built.


Next I've created a picture that leads us from my initial rough sketch ( YES, I've kept on doing old school drawings as a way to get an idea down on paper for each mod I've done, it might not look very professional but they're very loose renditions and so far have done me well, after all we're all still kids at heart ;) ) From the sketch I learned two important points of the build. Number 1 would be the mask. Revan's mask was one of the two major components to his character and I would have to include it in my build. Number 2 would be his lightsabers, given that he was both a Jedi and a Sith in his lifetime, he had the ability to wield 2 light sabers, and this would also need to be incorporated into my build to get the theme across properly. 


So I began with my number 1 point from above, and got to work on the mask. In the picture collage you can see different stages of the masks creation from the deisgn in the 3D printing software, to printing, to the different paint stages I took it through to achieve a weathered badass look his mask would have in real life.






The finished mask =




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One of my favorite aspects of doing a * Themed Build * is the different colors you get to work with, and how you can use different reference pieces of the same subject to draw out different ideas. Now Darth Revan is seen in most pictures as having a black cloak, a mask of steel and red, a golden ring on his belt, and the two epic lightsabers in red and purple. What I found while researching however was a photo ill post below, that shows an interesting rendition of Darth Revan, and the colors he can be drawn with.






This photo introduces some browns and gold tones into Revan and his mask, and it was this photo that I used as reference while planning the colors I wanted to use for the inside of the case. I've always loved earthier tones like brown and gold and copper, so it was a joy to bring those colors into this project.


Here is a photo of the case, the Coolermaster SL600M right after unboxing it.





From here I tore it down, removing the panels, front I/O and cables, and fans. All the way down to the bare frame, which I then sanded, going from 220/800/1000/1500 Grit sand paper. After sanding was complete I primed the inside frame, let that set for 24 hours, and applied two coats of Molotow Copper.






The other colors planned for the panels on the inside of the case are black, gunmetal, and chestnut brown. 

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