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Timpelay - C700Mi


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I will build the case Cooler Master still not have built.



Transform a Cosmos C700M to a mITX SFF build.



  • Case - Cooler Master C700M
  • Mobo - AORUS Z690I ULTRA
  • CPU - Intel Core i9 12900KS
  • RAM - 32GB Corsair Dominator RGB DDR5
  • SSD - Samsung M.2 Nvme 1TB
  • PSU - Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold White
  • GPU - Nvidia RTX3080Ti Founders Edition
  • Fans - 8x Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 HALO


Water cooling

  • EK Quantum Magnitude Full nickel CPU-block
  • EK Quantum Vector FE RTX 3080 D-RGB - Black Special Edition VGA block
  • EK Quantum Kinetic FLT 80 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi
  • 3x EK Quantum Surface P240M - White Radiators
  • EK Quantum Torque Fittings
  • 12 mm Nickel - Brass hardtube
  • Custom distroplate



EK Waterblocks


Cooler Master 











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Ever since I built my SF600Mi for CMWS19 I've been eager to do it again, to an other case and improve every possible part of the process.



To create the mITX version of C700M that Cooler Master haven't produced, yet. Hopefully, this project will encourage them to do so.

This project will explore an internal layout not seen very often, both regarding hardware and cooling components. Made as a tribute to the modular layout in the C700M. 



I will reduce the case with exactly 170 mm in both height and length (keeping width). Modding every single piece of the case possible to get it back together looking just the same on the outside, yet smaller.


The inside will be completely rebuilt with a layout taking advantage of the case design regarding cable paths, cooling and visuals.

A mITX motherboard will be placed vertical mounted to the backside of the case with I/O facing downwards using the raised bottom to route all cables to the setup.

I will build a cooling cluster at the front/top of the case using x3 240/44 mm radiators to provide superb cooling.




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  • Timpelay changed the title to Timpelay - C700Mi

Been doing some 3D modeling, starting with the iconic inner frame of the Cosmos.

Many of you are more than familiar with this since the new gen Cosmos has been around for some years now and been used for modding all over the world.


I will shorten the frame by 170 mm ending up with 355 mm in both directions.

From this I will work my way out, starting with creating the layout and ending with how to modify the exterior panels 


image.thumb.jpeg.fccc708a1f5cdbf51357bdedde9d8c38.jpeg  image.thumb.jpeg.4ec1656d7e849992a8c88d76fc1e86fb.jpeg

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  • 2 weeks later...



This is one huge case!


The white C700M that I got is a prototype case previously used by CM for event purposes.

A bit rought around the edges as it has been built a couple of times and travelled alot.

No problem as I will cut almost every part of it into pieces :D


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Case stripped and the bare frame ready for some measurements. 




It will certainly be a challenge to modify these ones.

I don't have the tools or knowledge how to weld aluminium and will have to get some professional help when it's time to shorten them.





As I'm removing 170 mm in both directions, I'll manage to align the mounting holes of the frame back together in the corners for the brackets going between both sides.

I'm eager to use as much parts as possible of the original structure.


When I did my SL600Mi I cut the frame in the middle keeping all corners intact. Then welded it back together joining them in the middle.

This time I'll keep just two corners and weld two. By doing this I'll keep the continous beams with their holes at a perfect spacing.

In the corners, there are 90 degree angle brackets attached with two screws. So technically it's possible to assemble the cut frame back together with those using counter sunk holes as the original.

But I will weld the corners instead for stability and to better control how to get it back straight.


As two corners still are mounted with screws I'll be able to disassemble it if needed.





No Dremel here guys. This requires some proper modding tools.

Go hard and go loud!


Allthough this new brushless angle grinder is pretty much quiet comparing to my corded one.





Aaah, the smell!


I'm doing this with the parts still assembled to prevent it as much as possible from twisting and moving.

Lets get those edges clean and ready for welding.



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Got some work done this weekend welding the frame back together!

Will be cleaned and painted later when I know everything is lines up.




Cleaned and back in the workshop for some measuring.




I bought this underlay/cutting board which is perfect for this type of work.

Super easy to see if things are straight.


Well 355 mm on point.






I got some serious work to do with all exterior panels.

Been taking it all apart and I have alot of cutting to be done


Perf. picture for size comparison!



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Lets start cutting!


I will start by cutting all parts manually removing about 160 mm.

Then I'll trim in all parts perfectly later.


Not so large anymore! :D



Measuring twice, cutting twice.

I'm dialing in my cuts to remove a section that won't ruin the original desig.

Here, for the front piece the middle section will go.




Each panel is built with many parts. The front is like 5-6 parts alone with structure, panel, shell, LED translucent parts and LED strips..




Feels a bit awkward going back to the roots doing this kind of work to a case.

Missed it.




Rough edges and no straight cuts doesn't matter as I'll be sanding the last 5 mm or so down to perfect fit.







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When not cutting I'm doing some 3D-modeling getting my cooling system figured out.

So 3x 240x44 mm radiators will be squeezed inside using a bit different layout. Hopefully giving me enough rad surface to keep it super cool at very low rad-fan rpm.


2x 120mm open air intake fans serving the cooling cluster. Then 2x 120mm fans on each rad.

I'm doing this cluster trying to utilize the case width and with the ambition to upgrade from 2x 240 slim rads in SL600Mi to 3x 240x44 rads in this!




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I cut all panels by hand leaving 5-10mm on each side to be sanded down to exact length.

After spending some time sanding on my old stationary grinder I figured this will not be done in hours and the result not what I wanted.


Lets try something else!




I got this Bosch sliding mitre saw I'm using for all my construction work at home.

It got a fine tooth blade on it so why not try..




This actually worked perfect! Clean 90 degree cuts without any twisting and turning.

Just had to go really slow and don't feed too fast. 




Some parts was a bit hard as they're bent and got edges that prevent them from laying flat and straight.

I used wood spacers that I could cut through and still get 90 degrees from the finished cut.


Not every day you can work outside this late a year and still enjoy the sun.




Spent an hour or two cutting and fitting. Cutting and refitting untill I got each panel into perfect length.

Top panel ready!






Top, bottom and outher part of the front in place.

Modding the pieces in a certain order will make sure they fit perfect to the frame and each other when ready.




As mentioned before I'm trying to place my cuts in the best way possible to not mess up the design elements of the case.

Top grille here with the comb pattern. Will not be visible when finished but feels good to have it done 100% anyway :D




Front is coming back to life!






Getting the cuts separated from each other will give the finished pieces better natural strength when put back together.




This is looking frickin awesome IMO!


So happy with the propotions seeing the case come back to life as a real mini Cosmos!








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