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Timpelay - C700Mi


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Both bottom bars mounted, time to sort out all cables.

Since there's so much RGB sources I'll feed some from the mobo header and add another powered adapter to run the rest from.

All will share same input from mobo to sync.




Tieing up power cables at the back of the distro. Gave them some slack length for better routing.






The 12 pin PCIe cable needed some combs so I made a few test to get the size right.

Wanted to keep them as small and clean as possible but still holding up.


Final pieces was laser cut from 4 mm thick clear acrylic.




Mmh now we're talking smooth.



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Top radiator needed some decoration so made a grille using the same pattern as for the side rads but cut it from mirror acrylic.

This will spread the light from the fans inside the case and reflect those pipes and tubes gorgeous.


So I removed the top rad again which is super easy with the hex tool and EK micro 90 degree fittings.


Protective plastic still on:



Protective plastic removed! :D




Installed at the top.






I want this inside to feel lika a luxury hall!




With all cables installed as they should at the back I mounted the pump/res combo and the cover plate.


It may look a bit stupid and chunky with it sticking out at the back like this.

But once the outer frame of the case that goes to the back is mounted (using original magnets) it all makes sense, you'll see.





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Finally got my last package of Halo fans (last weekend before dealine) so could mount them at the front and route the cables nice and final.

Front outer frame also mounted and time for power on!




It's alive!


A quick power on to se that all RGB lights up as planned before putting it back together for final leak test and filling.

The good thing about having a full nickel block is that I can idle in bios for some minutes without even going over 50 C in CPU temp.





Middle mesh part of the front back in.





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Finishing post!


Made a couple of (IMO) important details to add to the finished project.

Tried two sizes for my logo but decided for the small one. It's laser engraved gold plastic.

The CM logo-bar will be the front emblem and here I decided for the mirror instead of the gold.


Protective plastic is on, that's why they look crappy.



I matched my logo size to fit perfect to the pattern. Showing this is a Timpelay build!


One thing I haven't mentioned earlier is the back section of the side where the hardware is visible.

Here I just got a 15 mm frame mounted leaving the section open air, which is how I want to try it out and how I will take photos of it.

But I've also designed a window with a 15 mm painted frame to replace this open frame and seal off the hardware and control the air flow precise.




Again, super important. Last leak test with the loop now complete. Air tight!

Also attached this power cord extention for the photoshoot which makes it easier to route the cable when moving the PC around for the photos.




EK Cryofuel going in!

I always use premix cryofuel and never been dissapointed what so ever.





Thank you guys for following the project and stay tuned for final photos!

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2 hours ago, Explore Modding said:

EZ win


Sucks I didn't get to compete this year 😭 guess I'll save it for the next one! 


I'm really happy with the result, that's for sure!

Yeah, another chance next year mate. I got on really late but with this idea there was all in or nothing.

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