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Timpelay - C700Mi


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Front fans of the original case is attached using a steel frame.

Instead of modding that one I made my own custom panel with the fans lined up perfectly with the fans on the radiators.

No grille, just holes will optimize air flow and supply from the front. 




This panel will aslo give me a bit of space between the side of the radiators and the front, where I can route front I/O cables, fan cables and RGB.



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Top cover getting new LEDs and I/O panel mounted again.

Superb that with the I/O coming from a large case the cables are very long.

This means I'll be able to route them down and under the internal layout and keep them totally hidden.




Last cable to finish was the 12 pin and here I used the original cable from the PSU together with the Nvidia adapter included with the graphics card.

Then I used my multimeter to find the correct pinout making my 12 pin Nvidia to 2x 8 pin for the PSU.

Better to be safe here than gamble!



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I've been thinging back and forth what to do with the middle front aluminium piece.

Then I figured, just make it gold!


I got this thin gold plastic at home that I'd try to bend and fit nicely to the front. That would turn out to be a fail..




Got the parts marked out and the plate with thin double sided tape. Just have to bend the gold to fit the radius.

Well this plastic, no idea what it is, was not meant to be bent. I heated it but as soon as it reached a temperature when it lost it stiffnes it deformed.

It also stayed somewhat elastic and even with over heating I could not form it correct and when cooldown it lived its own life.

Tried with two pieces and all I got was wasted precious time and some burns.




After a rage-quit I thought I had to accomplish something this late at night so worked the mesh on the front instead.




With some precision cutting and focus this turned out awesome. You can't see the split unless you look close direct at it!




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I mentioned the bars early in this log and said I have to go get help to weld them back together at the right length, but I tried something else that I could pull off myself at first!




Got all bars marked up and cut with a jiggsaw. Then I sanded the edges flat and 90 degrees.








I will use epoxy glue made for metal (including aluminium) and reinforce the bond with a threaded M4 in the middle.




Also made some extra dots with the drill in each part to get the glue to fill and grip a bit better.




Everything seems alright and I let them stay there for 24 h as said required for full strength.




Put some putty on the connection, let it dry out. Sanded and cleand them really smooth.

Now with fresh paint! Super happy! :D


Also put the rubber feet back on to the lower bars and placed them directly under the points where the bars attach to the case frame.

That will put a minimum of stress to the bond with the bars not want to twist with some load on them



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As the frame has been shortened I could reuse 2 of 4 holes for the bars.

Marked up the new ones using the actual bar as template to get it 100%.






Just look at this!


Frickin EPIC. Doesn't even look strange with the propotions.






To shame I don't have one more Cosmos to put next to this one to get a hang of the size difference.

I'm not sure a banana will do but I'll have to get one in there :D


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Top rad and fans final assembly (I thought so)

Look at the clearance. Seems to be made for the case. Or the case is made for the rad ;)




It sure looks high with the fans mounted but I'll have 1 mm clearance to the top.

That's the differens with having the abillity to go with a 44 mm rad in the top also instead of having to step down to a 25 mm slim.



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10 hours ago, Ghost Customs said:

looks clean bro. nice joints. like nothing happen. 😍

Thanks mate! :D


That's what this project is all about. The layout will ofc show that this is a mod, but the case itself will create a "what the heck feeling" when it looks just out of the box.

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1 minute ago, Timpelay said:

Thanks mate! :D


That's what this project is all about. The layout will ofc show that this is a mod, but the case itself will create a "what the heck feeling" when it looks just out of the box.

This really got a potential of a new ITX case bro. Looking forward on the finish art.

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