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Timpelay - C700Mi


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So I spent the weekend getting all panels back together.

Decided to use my trusted Loctite Precision. Super strong and fast. Only downside compared to Epoxy is that it does not fill any gaps.




The cuts made with the sliding mitre saw is so good at some parts that you pretty much can't see the connection when glued back solid.







Tried to nail this as good as possible and think I got it done alright?




Some parts of the front is 98% structural and 2% visible which makes them easier to get back together.




Original diffuser guides for LED will be modified and put back in.

Allthough I'll mount new strips instead of modifying the original hard PCB LED strips used in the case.




Top guides, bottom guides, front guides. They all get modded and put back.




Same here at the front, cuts and joints are not placed together for different parts giving back some natural stifness to the panels.




This part took some extra time because I figured out that my 170 mm would make it possible to perfect match the pattern.




A panel that won't be visible fron the outside unless you open the front of the case but damn it feels good to have it back together alot shorter but factory looking!




Next up is more internal work as all water cooling parts from EK has arrived. 

Still need to sort out mobo/CPU though to align my CPU water block for the tubing design.

But I will be able to build my cooling cluster and see how it looks in reality!



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Motherboard I/O frame and single slot PCI-e to be laser cut from 8 mm black acrylic.


I'll build with a RTX 3080Ti FE graphics card and with EK waterblock on it it's only single slot for the bracket.

This frame will be attached to the internal bottom of the case together with the SFX PSU.





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Case floor will be cut from 3 mm black acrylic.


The CM-logo cutout is the air-intake for the hidden SFX PSU.

I will utilize the spacing underneath this floor for cable management, I/O connections and the actual PSU




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Cooling cluster incoming! 


First time using EK Waterblocks new radiators and damn they are next level from the old ones. Especially these 44 mm thick with multiple ports and drain. They also come in white right out of the shop which is great. Thanks alot EK for supporting!


So, the cluster.

As previously shown in my 3D-model I'll use triple 44 mm thick 240 mm rads in series.


I decided to build it this way to use the case width in the best way possible still keeping air intake at the front of the case an exhaust throughout the sides(!) and top.






No less than 8 Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo White Edition will be used.

Six mounted to the radiators and two in the front seriving as intake fans.




The new EK Micro fittings is awesome in tight spots like this and uses a hex socket which makes assembly alot easier and saves my fingers.



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EK Magnitude full nickel CPU-block. Looks so good!

Can't decide whether to go for it as it is combined with the gold fittings, or change the top to gold aswell.

Will have to try both and see what looks best.




Together with 3080 Founders Edition water block. Absolutely love the small size and its variable ports at the end.

Keeping the protective plastic on as long as possible when testing in the case.

Probably about time to mount it on the graphics card.



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Got the case floor and motherboard frame cut and ready to try in the case.

Sits perfect and my notch design for the floor keeps it in place by itself secured by the steel frame.




Placeholder mITX motherboard with connections facing downwards.

The case design makes up for a perfect chamber beneath the floor for cables and connections when not using it for fans or rads.


I often see, and have built myself, superb casemods with awesome visual design. Until you plug them in for daily use.

Then you have cables coming from stupid places just because motherboard orientation looks good.

That only works for a showpiece and not for a production quality casemod.

Which is why I do my design to both focus on visual design PC alone (only power cable) and when in full game mode with cables connected!


This design will actually make it possible to hide the cables comming from the PC 100% if you got a custom desk or a desk with a cable cutout :D




SFX PSU hidden in the compartment beneath the floor with at CM logo air intake cut out.

I'll use the PSU fan mounting screws to mount the PSU hanging. A bit controversal but I've done it before and it works like a charm.



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I've been missing the final piece (or probably the first you should get for your PC) the motherboard.

Considered alot of options and when AORUS said they could help out I choose the Z690I AORUS Ultra.

I got a new unopened i9 12900KS at home waiting for something like this :D


Can't wait to get the mobo and start designing the backside distro plate for the case.

I need the mobo to be able to position the CPU water block 100% so it's about time!


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Been crimping my cables for years with a noname brand toll from a local dealer and it have worked. But I know it's not super reliable.

As I'm doing all cables myself for this project I though it would be time for some proper tools.


Well, MDPC-X got the right stuff.

My order came out prety heavy with all connectors, tools and wires. But it feels good to spend some money for quality.




I had alot of options for the cables.


  • White, to go clean together with the all white case.
  • Gold (sleeve) to match the water cooling fittings.
  • Black, just clean and match interior panels on the casemod.
  • Accent color, something vivid to stand out.
  • Or these beautiful transparent tinned copper cables!

Used them in a Razer Core X project once before and love them.




Will be my first Nvidia 12 pin PCI-e cable, interesting!




So thin so small so good crimps.







Alot more to go!


Will make 24 pin, 8 pin CPU, 12 pin PCI-e.

All custom lengths, no extensions.

Lets put some hours in I guess.


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My precious RTX 3080Ti FE. Actually won a 3080 in CMWS. Later traded it for this 3080Ti card.

Kept it saved and unopened for a project like this :D








I'm so impressed by the details and quality feeling.

Makes a good piece of art when removed.








Well hello there. 


Fish PCB is awesome.




Late night session installing the waterblock.

Really hate putting those thermal pads on but with some good music it can be therapy ;)





EK Waterblocks Special Edition FE block makes the card super small and cool.



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Got the panels done with plastic putty made for car bumper repairs. Which means it's very strong and elastic.

Sanded them down, cleaned and ready for paint!




I'm happy with the plastic these panels are made of. Easy to work with and answers good to modifications.

Painting the entire panels as the plastic had some variations in color from white to off white in some places.


Fresh clear and super white after a couple of layers.


I've done some small amount of body work to cars and know by experience how important the underlaying work is for a good result when painting.

Very satisfied with this and it's very hard to see that the panels has been cut and put together again!




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