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**Voting is now opened** 2009 Modding Contest

Guest yAu

Should the CM Modding Contest 09 submission deadline be extended from 09/20/09 to 09/30/09?  

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  1. 1. Should the CM Modding Contest 09 submission deadline be extended from 09/20/09 to 09/30/09?

    • Yes
    • No

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All prizes for 09 Modding Contest winners are announced, please check below for the complete winners list:

Category 'Full Tower':

* Grand Prize Winner

Project Lunar Serenity by Agathyrno N. (asgneto) from Brazil

* 3 x "Best of" Prize Winners

Cosmos Dragon by Martin B. (thechoozen) from Germany

Lamborghini Cosmos by Nicolas B. (nicky_82uk) from Thailand

Krypto by Marc M. (Marcam923) from United States

Category 'Mid Tower':

* Grand Prize Winner

Mission by Jeffrey S. (slipperyskip) from United States

* 3 x "Best of" Prize Winners

LaiThai Project by Apisit S. (AeGis) from Thailand

Urban Sniper by Bill O. (mnpctech) from United States

Cooler MaSteam-Punk by Jeremy B. (E.E.L. Ambiense) from United States

Category 'Unique':

* Grand Prize Winner

Morphius by Maciel C. B. (Maciel C. Barreto) from Brazil

* 3 x "Best of" Prize Winners

The Big Boy by Miguel P. (Mpovh) from Brazil

Ovni/Ufo by Mike P. (PaPang) from Mexico

CypriUm by Arturo B. (masbuskado) from United States

4 x Special Prizes:

* HyperX Fans plus the KHX12800 6GB memory kit (Kingston)

Project COOL by James F. from United States

* GeForce 9500GT (Zotac)

FIFO by Frenk J. from Netherlands

* GeForce 8200-ITX (Zotac)

Killer HL Box by Rodrigo S. G. from Argentina

* CSX case (CSX of Cooler Master)

Project Dakota PC by Lisa L. from United States

3 x Secret Prizes:

Tanner V.

Michael H.

Scott B.

Congratulation to all! :bounce::cheers:

Thank you all for the participation.

Once again, Cooler Master would like to thank everyone who had participated in the contest. :bounce::cheers:


Cooler Master's Global Modding Contest 2009 is now officially opened. The contest begins on July 1st, 2009 through September 30th, 2009 (last day to register is September 20th, 2009), then voting shall begin! The winners will be announced on Oct 15th, 2009.

This year we will have AWESOME prize packages for ALL the winners including the runner ups. So get your tools ready! We look forward to seeing all your Creative mods! May the best modder win! :bounce::cheers:

More details here: 2009 Modding Contest

Make sure to review the rules, terms and conditions before you participate.

Good luck everybody!

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New rule implemented:

4(a). For those who are entering with a completed or 'on progress' mod:

* You must be able to provide a full worklog with images and comments (from start to finish of your modding work) on the CM Forum.

* Your mod must NOT be older than 2009.

* Your mod was NEVER entered into any Cooler Master's contest prior to this.

This rule will apply to all participants who have not posted a worklog on CM Forum as of Monday, July 6, 2009.

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Rule Clarification:

For those who are entering the 'Unique' category, at least 2 of the 5 required CM components used must be of different type (i.e. 4 fans, 1 heatsink).

To maintain a fair contest for all participants, we have also added some rules for special cases:

If you are entering the contest as a group:

* You must keep only one worklog on the CM Forum.

* Please use one CM Forum Account Screen name throughout the entire contest to avoid confusion.

* All prize packages are the same regardless of individual or group entry.

If you plan to do self promotion of your mod:

* Absolutely no benefits can be involved for either you or any voter.

* Your promotion cannot be too extensive to a point that it bothers/annoys other CM Forum members.

If you plan to use sponsored components for you mod:

* All modding work must be done by you, not the sponsors.

* You cannot do any advertising for the sponsors or any product in your worklog (i.e. posting links to online ecommerce sites for the product).

For more details, please refer to the Rules page on the Modding Contest homepage:

http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/microsi ... /rules.php

Or, feel free to contact us at cm2009moddingcontest@gmail.com

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Can I ask something? I am planning to get some sponsors but I have to post a link to their store with a picture on my first page in order the get them as sponsors....!!!

Why they will sponsor us if they will not be advertised? Please do something about it cause many of us dont have the money and they need sponsors! Thanks!

ps: PM me please! Thanks!

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Hi AnG3L,

It's an understandable situation.

But unfortunately, we need to stay with the rules in order to provide a fair competitive environment for all participants.

We really appreciate your enthusiasm for the contest, hope you can still join us.

Thank you.

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Hi All,

You can now submit your mod entry as the final step before voting begins on October 1st, 09.

Submit Now

After your submission, CM staff will conduct a quick final review of your entry and contact you through email or CM Forum for a final confirmation before voting begins.

Good Luck!! :bounce::cheers:

The deadline for submission is September 20th, 09.

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I would have a suggestion: two levels of competition, one for professional modders who have all types of sponsorships, pro level tools (a portable band sander costs around $700usd, twice as much as ALL of my tools), and who can afford to contract to third parties extensive work on their mods. The other level would be for non-professionals who do 100% of their work by themselves, nothing fancier than a dremel for tools, no sponsorships, and who consider modding as a hobby.

If this is not possible, use a point system on different aspects of each mod, grading self made work higher than contracted work. For example a pretty and well made hand-made grill over a laser or water cut grill done in some expensive specialty shop.

I, as I suppose the great majority of enthusiasts, for example, cannot afford a third party job worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I would rather spend that type of money on new hardware (eg.: a new Cooler Master Case & a V-10)! In spite of this, and a low budget, I only hope that originality and resourcefulness counts more than big bucks spent.

Just my two cents.


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