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**Voting is now opened** 2009 Modding Contest

Guest yAu

Should the CM Modding Contest 09 submission deadline be extended from 09/20/09 to 09/30/09?  

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  1. 1. Should the CM Modding Contest 09 submission deadline be extended from 09/20/09 to 09/30/09?

    • Yes
    • No

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about the 5 CoolerMaster products, let's say I will be using 3 fans on the requirements, can I mod this say on a black 120mm fan (to change body color and install LEDs in it?!).

That's absolutely fine, "The heart/core is still CM" as PaPang mentioned. This is a modding contest after all :D

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Anyway you could sticky this topic to the top?

This and all other modding contest worklogs are stickied. When a new comment is posted then the topic to go to the top with the symbol on the left turned red.

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Hi All,

We noticed there are some concerns regarding the sponsored projects.

Below are some clarification of the rules:

* All modding work must be done by you, not the sponsors.

We understand that certain modding skills are very hard to acquire such as air brush painting, so we tend to be lenient on this. As long as most of the modding work is done by the participant, we can allow a little outsourcing for your mod (the closest entry we accepted so far is the "ZOTAC 840 MOD BOX"). But please keep in mind that we will highly recommend voters to consider the amount of original work put in by the modder.

If our review staff decided a participant did not put quite enough original work into the mod entry as we wanted, then we'll notify the participant (if you did not receive any notice, then your mod entry is ok).

You cannot do any advertising for the sponsors or any product in your worklog (i.e. posting links to online ecommerce sites for the product).

The main reason we added this rule is that we want all participants to enjoy the modding contest without interruptions of advertising that has nothing to do with the mods themselves. So, if the links are simply reference to the components being used, we are ok with them. Please restrain from posting promotional links such as "buy this here" or "check out my other work here".

Feel free to report to us if you think an entry has intentionally or unintentionally violated the rules. We'll try our best to keep the contest fair to all participants.

Also feel free to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you.

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Sir yAu, Good afternoon...

Can we change the word on my Title (please)

from Sattelite to Satellite, sorry for the wrong spelling...

Thanks A Lot Sir!!!!

sunny, you don't need the moderator to do this ... just click the Edit button on your first post. :wink:

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