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Project Elite 360 Double Barrel New pictures 8/9


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Hey Icejon, you have made yourself sort of scarce lately and it was good to have someone pace us altho you made it clear you were not competing (staff) but I had always had the idea you would lead the way and cheer us on to the closing date. The other moderators are attentive but you are the only one who has a mod! And a good one at that.


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Today after work I decided to put it all together. After mounting the RAM, the most important part is getting the right CPU contact and the right thermal interface. I will be using the rare CM Sphere black that was only made in late 2007. It is a fine piece of hardware that is black electroplated with blue LEDs. I also have a tube of Thermal Fusion 400 for the best heat conduction. Do note that the CM Sphere is not recommended for LGA-1366. If you can find the bracket accessory kit for the V8 or V10 it will be able to mount to an I7 CPU.


Now here is how it looks through the window. It's a massive looking cooler inside this tiny area, but is just the right size not to block any of the openings.


Here is the whole chassis integrated. See how tight everything fits together. I have sad news that a HD 4870 Radeon will NOT fit inside this chassis. Note the 135mm fan on the silent pro takes up 150mm of depth and it doesn't allow for a video card 9.5" or greater since it will block the cables.


Enjoy! Now I am back to do the front bezel and prep it for the mesh. Thanks for the comments.

well the black and red paint work really goes nice in the mod.. shotgun handles give it that dont mess with me look great mod thanks for sharing

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