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Project: Mad-Oil by MstJuan - Mod Contest 2009 Completed


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HI everyone here i will be posting my work log for mad-oil project.

I shell be contesting under the Unique Category with my Mad-Oil.

The Idea i has always been in my dreams to make my own case and here as the first time trying i shell be trying to make something new.

I be using a fridge as the base for the case. here is a photo.


more details will come along as i do more work.

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Just a minor concern about your using a fridge as I tried to build a running system inside a running fridge myself circa 1997/98.

Fridges make great cases as far as sound proofing / vibration control.

But only when unplugged / not running as a fridge, only used as a case itself.

The problem when building inside a fridge that is running is CONDENSATION...

Hot parts in cooled air equals water droplets where you just don't want them.

I managed to fry what was back in the day quite a large sum of monies worth of parts.

I can't wait to see what your project ends up like, I am 100% intrigued by this one.


Lots of pictures please...

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I will not be using the fridge Cooling system it will get slightly more complex.

That's sweet to know...

Had me worried for a moment, as I said I made that mistake back in the day lol.

Can't wait to see what you create... kinda' have me on the edge of my seat waiting.

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I will list them as soon as i but them so i know the component name. if i may ask why is odd?

Sorry for my English, But is not my native language.

MOst Pro i will need to use only a few fans and a cooler.

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here are more photos.

today i stayed building the optical drive base which will hold the optical drive in place, The material Used is PVC sheet.


Here is how it fits..


And here is how the Optical Drive will fit. ( This drive i am using is just for measurements only.)


More to come i try and post a video i hope i manage.

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Parts i will be using

1)Coolermaster HyperTX2 Universal CPU Cooler *1


2)120mm Coolermaster Internal RED LED Fan*2


3)92mm Coolermaster Internal Case Fan*2


This are the only local supplies, I could find.

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