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Project: Mad-Oil by MstJuan - Mod Contest 2009 Completed


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After waiting 20 minutes to upload all the pictures i am here about to start today's worklog.

I started today by having a mishap, yesterday i was doing that cooler master, the second o and ther e of master broke in my hands. here is a piturce.


Now i had to think what the hack i should do.

mean while so i don't loose time. i wanted to test the paint factor,in this test i have sended half the perspecs to see the effect of the paint.


The Paint used.


After the test i thought of using glue to hold from the back side and then i continued on working on the rest of the words, after that i painted.


Final result of the first part of paiting.


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during the drying time i started working on the other fan which is on the hd's compartments. which is situated in the door.

It's the single fan


After taking the measurements needed i started building the the guide and the sides of the fan here is a photo of the cuttings.


here is the guide picture with the fan and with all the holes drilled.


I will be passing the wire of the fan under the hd heatsink so like this i will not have to make any other holes.


now that i am sure of everything i started sticking the part to the door. using a common sealer.



now it's in place and we let it dry a little bit.


here i am making the cuttings on the front fan.


here is after cutting it.


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Now it time for the upper part of the same door.


here is a pic of the corners.


After taking all the measurements needed and thinking of how the hack i am going to make this part. and here is the idea i had in mind.


here is a picture.


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