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Project: Mad-Oil by MstJuan - Mod Contest 2009 Completed


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Thinking about your mod a little, it has dawn on me that your oil cooled theme is almost revolutionary (well atleast for me and several other "normal modders", you know air and liquid cooling). May I suggest you stay up a little late to work out the knots in your project? Or atleast on the weekends (do you have a rest day/days?). It would be a pity that you not finish on time and not be able to compete. As I suspect that this is the first time you attempt this mod, you will forcibly have to experiment and probably rework several things that will only show up when you physically try to do it or assemble the part.

I would really like you to put in that extra effort. A lot of us will appreciate it!


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Hi Mates,

I am pretty sorry that i didn't actually managed to continue in the past few weeks but as i said work is taking a big part of my time,

Due to the WFR ( world financial recession ) I am stuck doing :) load of research and development on work that i was even working on weekends till late not to loose and peace of work that comes along.

I have booked a week of leave for next week and i am hoping to make a few days of pure work on the project. and i hope that by the 15th everything will be ready with paint and so fort as well.

Regards and thanks you for your interests i shell make my utmost to finite in time and at least make you enjoy your selfs with something new.



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