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Project: Mad-Oil by MstJuan - Mod Contest 2009 Completed


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Talking about photos, please take many and post them too. Viewers love content and photos. I have many more than I had planned and many detours but that is what happens in real life!. Asgneto (Lunar Serenity) had is paint gun explode yesterday. I thank him for sending the photos in his thread of the mishap. I makes me feel like we are competing with humans and not "modding machines" and adds interest to the thread, really.

So let us know what is happening, good or bad. I have gotten even a couple of suggestions that saved me a lot of time from the viewers and that is good, heheh.

Cheers and Saludos

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Hi Mates,

Today i am continuing on developing on the mod, i started thinking how to conclude this mode and i started buy cosing our the outer cosmetics.

On the upper part we have an opening here i opined it a little more. here is the photo.





After this was done i was thinking of making some grill with metal but after thinking enough about it i have realized that the amount of work involved would be a lot and the final product would not be as nice as i would like.

After looking about at home i found some perspecs.


then with the computer i made a small cooler master writing to use it as a background for when i am cutting the perspecs.


After cutting the cooler master, cutting i have put some liquier on the paper so i harden it a little .


While the paper was drying i went working on fitting the fan on the perspecs here is the material.


here i fitted the perspecs.


here i was fitting the thing on the fridge.


putting everything togher.


and started cutting.


will continue tom....

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