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Project: Mad-Oil by MstJuan - Mod Contest 2009 Completed


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now i know what you mean. hm thanks a for the hands up mate i didn't think about that now i already have two ready all i need is anther one and tom is sunday so i spend some time doing the other one instead of wasting time but if on Wednesday test run they will not work properly i shell try and buy some of those, i only hope that sata cables will not be my anchor.

i will post the pictures of the sata cables done by me later to night.

Good health


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40" eSATA cable scavenged from a Thermaltake case.

The language barrier keeps getting me in trouble. I don't know how you do it PaPang. I'm just going to shutup and watch from the sidelines from now on. :)


Uhhh, just what the doctor prescribed! But those cables are almost custom made for TT, can't get them in any store and to late to buy over the net or you ship it to Juan. Too bad, lets see what he can come up with.

MstJuan and I have a deal, I misunderstand him and he misunderstands me in turn, heheh. No need to stand back, we really need your type of feedback slipperyskip!

Run, Juan, run!

Cheers and Saludos

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